Canned : Sambal sotong (cilies squid)

Another review on canned food.

First on the safety of canned food:

Never use foods from containers with these spoilage warning signs: loose or bulging lids on jars; bulging, leaking or badly dented cans (especially along the top, side and bottom seams), or foods with a foul odor.

Always heat the food well before serving. Always choose to eat fresh food, when available.

🙂 Enough of disclaimers.


This delicious looking spicy squid is the perfect accompaniment to hot white rice. Fry an egg and you get a yummy meal (albeit not a balance meal). Its taste is just right. The squid is the huge variety not often found in the markets. Unlike most canned seafood, the squids do not smell ‘fishy’ or pungent. I am very wary of canned seafood because they are usually too salty and filled with lots of ‘unidentifiable’ black thingie. However, this one has clean pieces of squids minus the black guts and skin.


A can costs less than RM3 and can serves three of us (my hubby, son and I).

2 Replies to “Canned : Sambal sotong (cilies squid)”

  1. My mom used to buy sotong masak hitam in can. For the life of me, I could not remember what brand it was. It had been a very long while since I ate canned sotong. This one is good eh kak lilian? Nak kena pi cari la weekend nanti 🙂

  2. […] This is my sambal sotong  fried rice.  I used the canned sambal sotong, slice them into thin rings and  fried the rice with its gravy.  Add an egg.  Put them on a bed of butterhead lettuce.  One meal on its own.  The order is heat oil, add some garlic and onions if you are not too lazy to cut them up, put in the canned sotong and some gravy, put in rice, fry and open up a space in the wok and knock in an egg. […]

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