Chinese Plum sauce dory to feed 80 pax


The photo above is my contribution to the potluck we had for our church choirmaster’s surpise birthday party. Actually, I made two dishes, i.e. plum sauce dory fish (the left line, 2nd tupperware) and tomyam sauce squid balls (the first on the right with lots of coriander leaves).


I was very attracted to these multi-coloured peppers and bought ALL the available colours. Orange, red, yellow, dark green, light green and purple. I added them to the plum sauce dory fish and they certainly makes the plain looking dish very attractive. The potluck was fantastic because there are many great cooks amongst the choir members. Beef rendang, petai and lotus root kerabu, squids curry, bak kut teh, delicious birthday mee etc etc.


I was at this ancient Chinese sundry shop and baffled with so many brands of plum sauce. So, I ask the lady owner to pick the best for me. The above brand is indeed good. Not too salty, with a tangy and zesty of the preserved plums (sween mui) and the right balance of sweetness and sourish taste.

Frankly, I never make my own plum sauce anything but like to order at restaurants. Now that I know it is so easy to make, I can DIY at home.


This is how my dory fish looks like. This is actually something I cooked for the kids, minus the peppers.

To make sauce –

Two tablespoons of plum sauce.
Mix with 4 tablespoons of water and a little cornflour (optional)

(the ratio is something like 1:2, taste first because not every brand has the same amount of salt content)

A pip of garlic, some oil.

Heat oil, stir garlic and pour in sauce to simmer a bit. Remove and pour on fried fish, prawns, chicken breasts or anything you like. It is very appetising to eat with hot, white rice.

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  1. Ah sedapnye. Nak kena pi oriental store cari plum sauce, but I think at tesco pon should have it. Kak lilian, ganti ngan hoisin sauce you think ok or not?

  2. foodcrazee – Yeah, garnish a bit and it passes for restaurant dishes.

    Marlinda – Tak boleh lah…sebab rasa tak sama. Yang ini macam asam boi dah rendam dalam air. Tak silap saya, kat supermarket macam-macam brand ada. Halal juga.

    Jeremy – I hope you don’t put on weight after reading. LOL.

    Lrong – Thanks! I read it already but couldn’t post comment earlier. (i forget i put on some javascript block)

  3. Hieeee, wow! look nice wor…. thing is, i haf the dory fish in my freezer, just that I’m quite the blurr, dunno how to do the fish fingers… HELP!!!!

    Might just cook it tomolo evening.. hmmmm if got time lah….

  4. wow, i just had a very delicious “plum sauce chicken chop” just now for lunch and i decided to come here and search if u got anything abt plum sauce…mana tau really got! really must applaud ur fantastic food knowledge la!!

  5. Yes ! that looks just the dish i wanted. That does it, that goes on my menu for tommorrow’s dinner. I just love those 3 ingredients dinners. LOL

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