mmmmmmmMarmite vs Bovril


This Marmite website is so cute! It has a saint and devil sign. Heaven or Hell. You either love Marmite or you hate it. Not buts…

Do you all remember the song from Men At Work titled Land Down Under?

Buying bread from a man in Brussels
He was six foot four and full of muscles
I said, “Do you speak-a my language?”
He just smiled and gave me a vegemite sandwich
And he said,

“I come from a land down under
Where beer does flow and men chunder
Can’t you hear, can’t you hear the thunder?
You better run, you better take cover.”

I am not a fan of Vegemite, Marmite or Bovril. Not until recently.

Bovril has NO meat content. (and no website of its own?) And guess what BBC news said about Malaysians’ preference:

“In Malaysia they stir it into porridge and coffee but the government there was becoming quite restrictive on non-halal meat.

Coffee? Oh, that’s gross, isn’t it?

Anyway……I have both Bovril and Marmite at home. I use them as a bread spread. I cook lovely Marmite Chicken with them and that’s the only two ways I eat Bovril and Marmite.

Watch out for my Marmite Chicken recipe, coming soon!

So, how do you eat your Marmite? Soup, drink, sandwiches….

Added :

Fantastic! Celestine asked me about Marmite sauce a few days ago. I gave him my parenting website where I put the recipe. And he has tried and tested the recipe. His yummy posting over here.

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  1. blech, i hate vegemite and marmite…bovril rocks, hehe. love it in bread, porridge, as a soup, in onion soup too! much more palatable..

  2. Err…
    Terasa diri ini kampungnya. I never tried bovril or marmite kak lilian. My husband said the same thing about marmite, either you like it, or don’t. Letak ler recipe kak lilian. I could masak and see whether I could stomach it (dah tua2 baru nak try… heheh)

  3. Like Denise, I prefer Bovril and use it as a bread spread, porridge and soups. My mum introduced me to Bovril when I was small. Some colleagues at work stir it in plain warm/hot water and drink it. I’ve tried it and euuuuccchhhh, it was salty!

  4. Hot marmite soup!!! *slurps slurps* or marmite with porridge (esp with anchovies and scallops hehe)! But I don’t like it with bread (ermm too salty??)

  5. marmite with oats. that’s quite okay.

    and also, my aunt taught me how to make marmite prawns! it’s really quite yummy. good alternative to chicken, although comes with cholesterol though.

    marmite, vegemite, bovril (i prefer marmite) is best taken in small doses!

  6. Oh i remember Marmite. Back then, Mum trying to feed me marmite porridge while i’m busying running around with other kids. I don’t remember i like the taste of marmite, or porridge.

    Now, i ate prawn marmite and porridge-based steamboat! I prefer not to mix those two, else i’ll start running around again :p

  7. my fave way of eating marmite/vegemite/bovril is toast 2 slices of gardenia pearl barley bread (it mnust be pearl barley), then spread one side wid peanut butter and the other wid marmite/vegemite/bovril, it’s simply divine!!!

  8. I like Marmite, but I prefer “Cenovis” which is it’s Swiss cousin!
    I love to thickly butter my bread, add the Cenovis over it and mix it in the butter; it’s divine!!! Otherwise, I put a drop of it in my salad sauce…

  9. hmmm i remembered reading from somewhere adutls who does not like Marmite was that because they were not introduced to it when they were a kid, those who was given marmite in their early years will tend to like even when they grow up, well we cant say the same to adults who has never tasted it in their early days …

    Well my whole family likes it alot, there will always be this big jar behind the cupboard somewhere, mix it with hot-water and voila – u get a great simple soup … thats when my mom is lazy or has no time, but you know la, when we were kids, you will always need some soup on the table rite … I just like to stir them into porridge – preferbably plain congee … or hot steaming rice, it great! Or put them onto toast, but try to spread them as thin as posible …

    And by the way i though Bovrill was made of beef stock rite … Marmite – vege, Bovril – beef

    Thats what my mom told me way way back then …


  10. Marmite – it has such a pungent smell that brings tears to my eyes. Miss my kampung so much. I eat Marmite with kaya toast- best served piping hot. Also Marmite on porridge, soup and sauce. Good for me when I skip lunch or breakfast. A fast soup snack.
    Bovril – now this black magic is good for soups – either to add aroma or to “thicken” it. Bovril is used in sauces, bread spreads, and goes well when I am tired or sick of oily food.
    Vegemite – this black gold is used sparingly on toast, sauces and salad dressing. I used this sparingly because it has a pungent smell and quite strong. I cannot live without Vegemite because it is brightens up my dour morning..
    For all of you who are dislike any of these mites or bovrils, kesian lah – my sympathy to you. You do not know what you are missing…

  11. hi there, this may be a bit outdated in view of all the comments above… but WHERE on earth do i buy Marmite OR Bovril anymore? Have they taken it off the shelves or sumthing? Coz i cant find it in Giant supermarket or other places for that matter…
    Care to share where u guys/gals make your purchases? (KL/PJ) Thanks loads! ; )

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