Por Lor Yau (Hong Kong Butterred Pineapple Bun)

Thanks to Wikipedia, I just learnt that the RM1.30 bun I bought has no pineapple in it! I had been trying to figure out where the pineapples are hidden.


This bun is called por lor (meaning pineapple in Cantonese) pau because it is supposed to look like cut pineapple.

Whenever I am around the area, I simply must buy one. However, after getting it, I will be forcing everyone to take a bite so as to kill my guilt. You see, this is probably the most fattening and sinful bun around.


Look at the thick chunk of butter? This is the por lor yau (or buttered pineapple bun). The bun is kept warm and crispy in display window at the restaurant. A huge chunk of slightly hardened (cold) butter will be added in upon purchase. So, imagine this glistening and crispy bun on the outside, with fluffy texture inside and a piece of salty butter melting in your mouth?

Purchased it from Restaurant Wong Kok in Jalan Burmah, Penang. (same row as Ice Ice Baby, next to Ed Deli). Only RM1.30 per bun.

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  1. nice buns 🙂 erm Lilian you might want to change the typo on your title..LOL POR LOR YAU– could mean “POR butt/bum” in Cantonese hehehehe

  2. i missed the ori por lor bao from HK… so huge, nice and fluffy bao wid crispy top… i wonder its the same wong kok in kl, so far the HK places i went to in KL dun serve this bao

  3. babe – I think it is a chain of restaurant like Kim Gary. This out even have a tiny glass, sliding window for ta-paus. Very convenient.

    crazymommy – I felt guilty the whole day after eating it. LOL.

    foodcrazee – Once, I watch this Hongkong TVB series on making por lor pau and every episode, I was wondering why they never show any pineapples. ‘Coz they show the kneading secrets etc. LOL. Now only I know. No pineapples involved.

    romantic – Yeah, I dare not order it in Cantonese too ‘cos I am afraid of mispronouncing. Hahaha. I only point-point to what I want.

    Emmanuel – 🙂

    Applegal – Nice what wikipedia taught us, ya?

  4. The best Polo Pao i have tasted is in Manchester China Town, Ho’s Bakery …Original bakery chef from HK, I couldn’t get the same tasty bun in New York Chinatown and Malaysia…very sad :”( Think of going to Manchester again, Kai Mei Pao is also nice

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