Oops, sorry….itchy hands at work

I am playing around with the template of this blog. The colours and set up will keep changing. But the contents remain the same. So, please excuse me while I bring out paints, nails, curtains and rails to touch up this place.

Thank you!

Added : This is the best-est three column WordPress theme designed by TimYang. It is called the ProBlogger Clean and described as :

Adsense-monetized, search-engine optimized and content-focused theme with corporate-colors.

I changed to this theme from the previous blue one because the old one has some bugs and looks awful from my Sony Vaio laptop. For this new one, I am still working on them so some links are not working yet.

If you are a blogger from Malaysia, you won’t be able to access the above site. 🙂

Thank you, Tim Yang!

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