Marmite Chicken or prawn + Chicken PopCorn

I cooked the Marmite Sauce the other day. However, my toddler who is almost three years old sniffed and asked loudly, “Ewwwwss..mommy, cook what so (s)melly?” He smelt it from the living room!

*roll eyes* His two brothers followed suit with the ‘so smelly’ question. In the end, I decided to save myself some frustrations. I let them eat the chicken pieces I fried as it is. They call it the KFC’s Popcorn Chicken and walloped the big plate I gave them.

I kept the sauce for my own consumption. The funny thing is Marmite smells heavenly to some and not so nice to others. However, Marmite with prawns is a lot tastier because the seafood smell blends in nicely with Marmite. Come to think of it, Marmite is a little like the prawn paste (heh koh used in rojak’s sauce, isn’t it?).


Marmite Sauce Chicken

I had shared these recipes on my parenting website and am only copying them over.

Contributed by Lilian

1 chicken breast – cut into tiny cubes/ chicken fillet

Seasoning – Dash of salt, white pepper and Maggi Seasoning (the black bottle with yellow cap)

1tbsp corn oil

2tbsp water

½ cup general purpose flour or prepared breadcrumbs (preferred choice – Hup Loong General Purpose Flour)

*Kids prefer simple taste and thus, the above suffice.

1. Leave to season for a few minutes.

2. Mix corn oil, water and flour.

3. Coat chicken and deep fry.

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Deep fried chicken breasts with bread crumbs


2 tbsp Marmite

4 tbso hot water

1 tbsp sugar

Lots of black pepper

2 pips garlic, chopped (one clove garlic is the whole bulb and one pip is the segment?)

A little oil

1. Dissolve marmite and sugar in hot water.

2. Heat oil in small pan, saute garlic, add black pepper, pour in the mixture.

You can either use one chicken breast cut into small pieces or 300 gm prawns or sausage, use your imagination. Coat chicken breast/prawn with some white pepper and corn flour. Deep fry, take out and add the Marmite sauce.

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