Ritter Sport chocolate is good!


I have given Ritter Sport chocolate a miss for several years because I thought that it is some ‘healthy, low-fat, sugar-free, help in weight loss’ kinda health food (which tastes bland usually) because of the word ‘sport’.

The packaging is also very stiff, unlike some yummylicious looking wrappings. Frankly, I don’t remember seeing any Ritter Sport advertisement before. However, I recently read about JoeC’s review on Ritter Sport chocolates.

So, I went out and buy this packet of four assorted pieces of 100 grams each. It costs only RM21.79 whilst one single piece is RM7.99.


Overall, the chocolate is good. It is creamy, smooth and filled with lots of fresh, whole nuts. However, I found the white chocolate a little too sweet for my liking. Maybe I will try the dark chocolate next time.

Do give this German brand of chocolate a sampling next time. I read on Wikipedia that Ritter has 22 flavours. Hmmm…plenty to experiment.

4 Replies to “Ritter Sport chocolate is good!”

  1. Ritter Sport is quite good. I like the hazelnut and cornflakes. I read that white chocolate really isn’t chocolate because it doesn’t contain cocoa solids, only cocoa butter. Ever tried Lindt and Thorntons? They’re my favourites.

  2. yeah yeah the rum ones are great … used to sneak themmin class and munch on those when i was in secondary school …

    available mostly in Watsons now …

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