Lifestyle of the rich (Penang Tanjung Marina)

I was envisioning blue skies with fluffy white clouds, azure waters, colourful sails flapping, white yatchs bobbing at sea and tanned sailors. But the rain came down the whole day of Saturday. And dark, grey, gloomy skies the whole of Sunday.


There goes my picture perfect backdrop. Being the amatuer photographer-wannabe, I actually screwed on a photo filter for my camera, hoping to enhance my ‘sunny skies, sparkling seas’ special effects. But what I got was even gloomier pictures.


I was actually at the opening of the Penang Tanjung Marina.

What has arisen to take the Old Church Pier place is the new city marina in Penang called Tanjong City Marina. The marina is managed by the Penang Port Sdn Bhd (PPSB) and offers berthing facilities for 140 smaller boats vessels and 20 berths for superyachts.


We get a chance to explore the area which probably will be off-limit at other times. So, I had a photo galore there yesterday noon.


All my photos turned out mighty sad. I hope I have another chance to stroll down the dock next time so that I can get my blue skies, blue seas, white yatch and tanned sailors photos.

BTW, we did some enquires (psst…carrying a DSLR camera somehow makes the snobbish sales staffs more attentive) and found that it costs about RM70,000 for a ‘time-sharing’ yatch which we can sail on our own. A bigger yatch with skipper will cost a lot more. RM70,000 is quite cheap if you compare a car with a yatch, right? But no, we can’t buy a yatch because my husband is very, very prone to sea-sick. 🙂 He can get nausea just standing on a moving barge!

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7 thoughts on “Lifestyle of the rich (Penang Tanjung Marina)


    (December 20, 2005 - 3:19 am)

    Wah very nice…


    (December 20, 2005 - 7:46 am)

    The filter is ment to cut down on the glare from water and excessive light from the sun. It is not a good idea to put in the filter under the over cast day as there is already a limited amount of light coming through.

    btw.. are you using auto mode to take the picture?


    (December 20, 2005 - 11:46 am)

    Rodney – (blush) Yeah, I am still using the programme and tweak the knobs just a little. Picking the right ambience setting, change a little ISO etc. Had tried to go all manual but they don’t turn out as good as the programme. The guy who sold me the camera told me to process (print) a multitude of settings and bring to him so that he can help me to refine it.

    While we are talking photography, last night I took the blue cross of my church. It is against a total dark sky and this blue cross illumininating. However, my photo turned out with a reflection of the cross. I don’t know what caused that. I use three diff. ISO setting of 200, 400 and 800.


    (December 20, 2005 - 6:15 pm)

    Its okay, i did the same too .. .try using apeture prority or shutter priority first.. get a hang out of the shutter speed and apeture before going full manual. Basically, in shutter priority, the camera would calcuate the apeture needed to get the best picture.

    here’s a rule of thumb.. if you are taking action shots (i.e. kids playing) you would want to put it to shutter priority and set it to about 1/100. if you want to take a picture of flower, set it to apeture priority. For flower you would want to set it to say f5.6 and fully zoomed in. If you want to take the scenery, set it to f10 and above. Play around with these settings until you get the idea of what these 2 settings do.

    As for ISO, it doesn’t do much except helping boost the sensitivity of the picture. However be warn that higher the ISO the noiser the picture.

    It would be good if i get to see the original pics. I can give you a few more tips. 🙂

    if you need anything just email me la.. 🙂


    (December 23, 2005 - 5:22 pm)

    me, sharing a yacht… not! dahhling..

    xiao jing

    (May 5, 2006 - 5:25 pm)

    hai, this is first time i come here…
    but i have to tell you honestly about my purpose….
    i have do a assignment about tanjong city marina..
    so i have to search for pic about this or information aboput this..
    seen u been go there, so u have any extra pic or informatin or broucher about this?
    can u e-mail for me ?
    thanks alot.

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