Cafe De Tai Tong – Dimsum, noodles and rice


Cafe De Tai Tong is the kind of place where your grandparents used to go for family celebrations. The restaurant has been around for many, many decades but has been refurbished. It is your typical Chinese dimsum, noodles and rice shop where everything is tacky and plastics.


Don’t expect any sweet young things waitresses or any service. All the workers are probably faithful employees whom had worked for decades. They are brash, loud and patronising. Actually, this is the uniqueness. They will tell you straight away that you have ordered too much food or your dishes aren’t balance meals. 🙂

The place is usually packed at night. (Gee, I am not sure if they open during the day because I only go at nights.) Patrons have to fight for tables! If you want your food to be fast, then, try picking up the dimsum from the trolley instead of waiting for the trolley to come to you.


Prawn and sharksfin dumpling.

De Tai Tong is actually famous for its crispy mee or sang meen. However, I haven’t got a chance to take a photo of this yet. It is like a huge birdnest made of noodles.


Mussels steamed with ginger sauce. I also like De Tai Tong yam fritters (wu kok) and white radish cake.


The dessert made of soyabean jelly and longan. A hit with kids.

Price is very reasonable and food is decent.

De Tai Tong is located at Cintra Street/Campbell Street junction. One cannot miss it because it is very brightly lit. Opposite De Tai Tong is Foo Heong, another heritage Chinese restaurant.

De Tai Tong accepts phone orders. When I was working, we used to order our dinners (during overtime) and pick them up ourselves.

If you enjoy the atmosphere of loud and noisy crowd, jostling for seats and food and typical Chinaman restaurant, give De Tai Tong a visit. I know many tourist guides take their Caucasian tourists there.

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  1. This is one of my fav place for Dim Sum. They specialized in Shrimp Dim Sum, you will notice that 80% of their Dim Sum items are made of shrimp. The restaurant is equally packed in the morning as well. They sell Dim Sum in the morning, and in the afternoon, they start selling alacart menus, like the famous noodles you mention and they sell them till late evening. They are also famous for their Grand Lotus Paste Pau, and it will cost you RM3 for one Biji. The pau wraps lotus seed paste and it wraps an egg yolk…

    good recomendation…

  2. […] They have dim sum and also different kinds of noodles including Wat Tan Hor, Chou Kon which is like char hor fun using the thin noodles minus the sticky gravy, some sticky gravy, soup noodles like sharksfin soup and the sang meen.  The sang meen, in my opinion lose out to Cafe De Tai Tong.  But I like their Chou Kon, though. […]

  3. man… i love this place, one of the good dim sum place in penang, bring back the old memories where my late grandparents often took me there for breakfast … however its so packed during weekends… have to get there very VERY early for good seats. however i switched to “dian xing zhi jia” another dim sum restaurant opposite KDU penang. the reason i picked that place is because i was a student there. the food there is not bad and is much cheaper than tai tong’s.

  4. been to tai tong a few times…while their dimsum are good, they’re not great. maxim in sungai dua serves better dim sum in penang. best dim sum i’ve tasted in malaysia..foh san & yook fook moon (both in ipoh)

  5. The dim sum place as shared by peanutking have a better taste siew mai than Tai Tong. Tai Tong’s siew mai have the strong pork taste which I’ve found not so fresh.

    anyway I plan try out the mussels! Expensive?

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