Prawn Koay Teow/wantan and Chicken


This is something that I like but can’t find them sold just anywhere. In Penang, there is a nice shop located in Butterworth and I think is the only one around.

I am referring to the prawns laden koay teow soup with bits of chicken. Koay teow is a flat noodle made from rice flour. A little bit like fettucine but very much softer. The soup has some chives added.


The koay teow must be accompanied with even more prawns in wantan. Wantan is prawns wrapped with wheat flour skin. I think not many shop sells this kind of prawn koay teow (or referred as hor fun by Ipoh and KL people?) because of the high price of prawns. Moreover, it takes some skill to boil the soup which musn’t be too overpowering with the pungent smell of prawns or it can be a big turn-off.


Usually, shops selling this koay teow, sell steamed (boiled) chicken too. What I don’t like about chicken served this way is the loads of oyster sauce poured over the chicken. Normally, we ask the shop not to put any oyster sauce (but forgot to mention yesterday) because the taste of the prawns is already very heavy on the taste buds. Coupled with oyster sauce, you need to drink lots of Chinese tea to clear the mouth from its oily and strong seafood taste.

Guess what the business card says?

World Famous Ipoh Hor Fan, Fresh Prawn Wan Tan & Chicken Rice.

Wow, world famous! Hahaha.

Anyway, I don’t know if the shop is world famous but for a lost Penangite to stumble upon it, it has to be a little famous.

The contact (since I have the business card with me):

CTK Cafe
No. 11, Jalan Barat
Off Jalan Imbi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur

Other outlets :

1) Time Square Lot 03 104

2) No. 21, Jalan Hang Lekir, Kuala Lumpur

9 Replies to “Prawn Koay Teow/wantan and Chicken”

  1. This sounds like Chan Toong Koong near Weng Hing Coffee Shop. You can also try the pork noodles at Weng Hing, the corner shop which it is famous for. There is also goreng pisang sold at the stall in front of the shop.

  2. boo – Yeah, that’s the one! I usually go to Weng Hing at night to eat the Hokkien Mee (fat noodles) but never been there during the day. In fact, that’s the only place we know in KL city centre.

  3. I love Ipoh Hor Fun. Does the cafe have a halal cert? Boo_licious, it’s pisang goreng, not goreng pisang. Goreng is a verb. Goreng pisang means the act of frying bananas.

  4. yeah, that one in Butterworth is really nice but during lunch time, it got so many people. Sometime have to wait more than 30 min.

    Beside that, Butterworth got 2 nice one. One is in Kg Bangkali & the other is at Chai Leng Park.

  5. Nice pic . u r indeed above average photographer. All the food looks delish….can i break my diet plan ?

  6. Alah kak lilian ni letak gambar sedap2 pulak… recipenya tak ada ke? My husband suka hor fun…halal ke tak situ ye? Kalau halal boleh pegi makan.. 🙂

  7. Now you know .. why i donch visit this blog..?? because i get so home sick.. for home food.. *sigh*.. *sob, sob, sob*..!
    Ok .. enough..!! *slap myself awake..* hehehe!

  8. u know..there’s this stall located in a kopitiam right across kamdar ipoh which sells superb chicken/prawn hor fun. really a world beater la !!

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