Help need : Good eating places for expats in KL

Boo, Babe, Foodcrazee and all the bloggers from KL who enjoy eating – Please can you help me with this enquiry? Someone asked but since I am from Penang, I am not much of a help.

Can you help me compile a list of good local food (about 20) outlets in KL that expats can eat at so they can get a good introduction of local food. And can you include introductions for each and the reasons why you recommend them. I need it for mid January for friends coming. Thanks!

What I can think of :

Madam Kwan’s

Little Penang

and those restaurants in shopping mall.

Any other nice places in ‘safe’ location?

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  1. Goto KLCC Food Court first clean and cheap (so so-lah) a lot of local and international choice. Start them easy. If go warung afters stomache ache how? spend vacation near poty-potty ony! Then only go for the exotic ones like the row of makan place at Brickflieds like Merdeka Restaurant. The fun is getting there… find-find parking then have jump over drain to get there… after all mat salleh think that Malaysia like that. So might as well feed their imagination… If you can’t get the dog to wag its tail, then you wag the dog! (original plagriation). HAVE FUN PLAYING TOURIST GUIDE!!!

  2. Oh ya…!!! Go to Fatty Crab in Taman Megah near Just off the LDP Highway near Damansara Utama. Eat Crab at RM33-00 per catty (still got meh people sell by catty, better tell Fatty Crab-man that now crab also gone metric…) Eat crab in Plum Sauce. Hold the crab- left hand hold one pincer and right hand hold the other pincer. Then the trick is to bring the crab face to your mouth… thenn… srup-srup-srup suck the sauce from the crab… hahhahahaha… high heeeeaaven.

    Reminds me of eating chili crab with toasted white bread at restaurant kelana seafood in port dickson.. no longer there sob-sob-sob. any body know a good alternative in port dickson?

    After finish the crab wipe up left over plum sauce with bread.. srup-srup-srup.. got egg-egg and got escaped crab flesh from the cracked body and claws and the escaped flesh from the back shell some more. You know the dark flesh that you sometime korek-korek from the back shell with your pinky? Sure died and gone to heaven wor!!

  3. good satay:
    satay haji samuri – he’s got a few branches, there’s one in Damansara Utama, same row as what used to be fajar supermarket.

    i took some friends from the netherlands for satay there, and well, they had it twice in one week :p well, considering satay in the netherlands is about 1.75 euros a stick!!! so well, needless to say they had quite a bit while here.

    but do be careful though. sometimes, when there are a lot of customers, they may just undercook the satay. so pls check first. or go when there are less people :p

  4. It really depends on the tastebuds of the expats because they may not like what we locals eat…especially if it’s spicy or not as hygienic as they’d like. I remember bringing my American cousin for her first mamak yum char. She got so sick that she had to stay in bed for days! On her next trip to Malaysia, she was ready. She brought several industrial size bottle of Pepto-Bismol with her!HAHHAHAHA

    It’s best if they (the expats) have a Malaysian friend to bring them around. It might be a little difficult for them to order a particular dish if there’s no menu (most local restaurants don’t have them) or communication barriers

    I called my dad and we compiled a list of places that we think your friends might like

    1) Raju – roti canai – by Jln Gasing/La Salle School
    2) Achar – banana leaf rice – Taman Petaling, section 5/near Jalan Gasing/Gasing Condos
    3) Ipoh Chicken Rice – Jln Gasing
    4) Bangsar Mamak – Saiful Nasi Lemak or the store next to it, very nice roti bom
    5) Stadium Steamboat – Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, steamboat, nice chilli sauce, seafood, fried rice and grilled chicken wings
    6) SS2 food court, night market on Monday nights – try the lok lok (center of the food court), ice kacang (store #41, near the front entrance)
    7) Ah hee Ba Kut Teh or the store next to it on Jln Imbi, I think it’s called Sun Hong (both shops are good)
    8) Imbi Palace – very good dim sum, near to shopping malls
    9) Kampung Pandan Nasi Kandar – either at Central Market (easier access) or Kg Pandan
    10) Imbi Market, near #8 Imbi Palace- go during the morning for Hai lam tea with toast. Also, try their wonton noodles.
    11) PJ State, shop lots along Menara MPPJ – Seafood Porridge, next to UOB Bank; Duck Rice, open during the evening
    12) Hokkien Mee – corner of the T junction at the back of Petaling Street, open during the evening (the place looks a little dodgy but if you’re worried about safety, try #12
    13) Hokkien Mee at Jln 222 kopitiam, Restaurant Ah Hwa , open during the evening
    14) Kajang Satay – opposite the polis station, I think it’s called Malaysian restaurant, order the satay and nothing else
    15) Roast Duck – it’s in one of the corner kopitiam in Paramount, opposite some car repair/accessories shop
    16) Kueh Teow soup noodles – the corner store kopitiam opposite the gas station/near the traffic lights
    17) Pisang Goreng in SS2, during afternoons – look out for a little truck parked in the parking lot along the shoplots opposite McDonald’s, I think it’s by Bank Simpanan

    If I was back in KL, I’d be glad to bring them to all these places but unfortunately I’m stuck here. If your friends have any questions, they can email me at

    My dad volunteered to bring them eat all those places and lots of good food if they’d be willing to sponsor him! LOL!

  5. Its kinda hard to say what they want to eat. Do believe Simmie summarize most of it. WHat do they want in Local food. Genuine or food court type. For expat i think the first think they think of is hygiene, so places like Alor, Masjid India is out. Same goes to all the market places. So, that will leave only restaurant and food court.

    Great Idea on checking Boo’s and Babe’s blog. They have lots of post for local food.

    Bring them to SS2 , can kau tim lots of food. Malay, chinese, mamak, foreign, all have what. Call KY

  6. i have to agree with foodcrazeee. i know some adventurous expats and dun mind sitting by the longkang to eat the tasty grubs BUT some are darn particular about hygiene and taste (cant take spicy stuff).

    check out or if you can still get their guidebook, then all the better. i’ve recommended someone from overseas on the list of makan places around bukit bintang in the forum, just do a search for it.

  7. Hey I’m going to KL in Oct/Nov and my brother told me abt Fatty Crab. We’re originally from M’sia but have been in Aust for 20 yrs so I think I might also get sick from the food. But he says its worth it…

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