Paddington House of Pancakes


I admit that I am not a fan of pancakes. Especially when they are loaded with ice-cream, nuts, fruits and whipped cream. I prefer my pancake to be plain with just some maple syrup and melting butter.

We were at The Curve yesterday, after having our lunch. My three younger kids did not eat lunch with us and therefore, we were looking for something for them to eat. I remember Paddington House of Pancakes vaguely. (Upon return, I found out it was Boo who blogged it.)

I am quite annoyed that Paddington doesn’t offer ice cold water eventhough they are offering sweetish desserts. We had ordered our drinks (mostly ice-blended and coffee) and ice-cold water would be perfect to wash the sweetness. (Secret Recipe is not stingy with their ice water.)

The cutleries were placed in a small saucer and plonked on our table without settings. I mean, there aren’t that many customers as it was past lunch time and on a working day. Surely it doesn’t take that long to place the forks and knives? Moreover, no spoons were offered eventhough we are ordering icecreams.


If you see the liquid ‘hanging’ in mid-air, it is not through sheer photography trick (can be done with sports mode though). It is this gluey, thick dark liquid which is neither caramel, chocolate nor maple. I still can’t figure out what it is! It was supposed to accompany our RM16.80++ pancake with two scoops of ice-cream, peaches, strawberries and nuts. The brown liquid didn’t complement the taste of the pancake. Anyway, what we got was not pancake but crepe which is a thin layer of flour.


This is the aftermath of the pancake after my son ate the icecream and the crepe. A mixture of peaches, strawberries, nuts and raisins.


This is the second pancake we ordered. It is some fried bananas wrapped in crepe and sprinkled with cinnamon and icing sugar. More ice-creams accompanied the crepe. I think the price is RM14.80++. Portion was small as my toddler can easily walloped the two bananas filled pancake/crepe.

Paddington House of Pancakes has a LOT of varieties of pancakes. From savoury ones (salty) to desserts. Some looks like pizza whilst other are tiny buckwheat pancakes. These are served with salads and other accompaniments. If you are a fan of pancakes, then give it a try. However, if you are not a fan of pancake like me, stick to ‘normal’ food. I prefer to go to Italian restaurants to have my crepes. The Italians cook better crepes and presentation was more eye-catching too.

We had coffee, chocolate milkshake (another gripe is they don’t serve vanilla flavour milkshakes) and two pancakes. The total bill comes to about RM60+ which is rather pricey for some snack portions. Anyway, I can cook crepes perfectly at home and a tub of branded icecream, a tube of whipped cream, a can of peaches and fresh bananas will not amount up to RM60. (and the portion can serves the whole family!)

Sorry, Paddington House of Pancakes, if your waitresses are more pleasant and smile more, I will probably be not so critical. However, being so rigid with children certainly not augurs well for restaurants like yours. No, we don’t have vanilla milkshake. No, we cannot make pancakes with just peaches and vanilla icecream. No, we don’t serve ice-cold water. No……

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  1. Aiyo, everything no, no, no, do they want business or not? Thanks for the review, Lilian. I didn’t know the prices were exorbitant! Thanks for saving me some money. Some waiters, waitresses and sales staff in our country need to be taught how to provide good customer service especially to the locals! I mentioned locals because most of them would treat foreigners like kings. I would walk out of a place if I get bad treatment. I mean, do they want customers or not? It’s us who contribute to their pay, duh! Tak mau tak pa lah, I can go elsewhere.

  2. Wah that is so dear to be spending on one plateful serving of pancake. Especially with that kind of attitude.And this place sounds just like a place that me and my buddies used to frequent while we were in the US, the International House of Pancake. And yes they have gazilion varieties of pancakes. And they have mini menus for kids, too. The most each of us ever spent at IHOP was around 10 dollars each, and that in itself was a full dinner menu (with seafood etc)…cekik darah punya mahal la in msia …And the water free flowing lor… just like most fast food restaurants in the states…

  3. Yeah, the pancakes are super expensive esp that banana, strawbery one – the lemon one we had was half the price. I always find them poor value for money since I know how to make my own pancakes so I feel I am biased but my friends love this place – from their perspective they can’t be bothered to make pancakes or have no idea so the food is great here. In fact the original suggestion was to have lunch there which I vetoed as I did not fancy paying so much for my meal. If it was not for the kids, we would not have tried it out that afternoon.

    See that roti canai remark – I told my friend, she can now save money by taking her kid to eat roti pisang, bring her own icecream in a tub (Haagen Dazs/Ben & Jerrys) and everything will be cheaper than what she paid for that day.

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