Buah Salak – banana in snake skin!

I was at the Bukit Gantang Highway stop at night. My eyes tricked me into seeing sweet potatoes by the bundle!


So, I asked the Malay chap where these ‘ubi keledek’ (sweet potatoes) come from. He went, Huh? Mana ada ubi keledek?

On second look, I realised that those are some scaly, red coloured fruits call buah salak. We had a good laugh.


A closer look. (A kg goes for RM8.)

I did not buy the buah salak as they look really ‘untouchable’ with their sharp, thorny scales. However, the stall owner offered me a taste of it and peeled it for me.


Verdict – The fruit tastes like unripen bananas minus the mush. It is dry and firm with a hint of sweetness. Hence, the banana in snake skin title.

This blog by Bin Gregory has given some excellent sites related to buah salak. Apparently, many people love buah salak. I guess

7 Replies to “Buah Salak – banana in snake skin!”

  1. Hahaha, ubi keledek! I forgive you, Lilian. Mlm kan, tak berapa nampak. I took photos of them too during the fasting month. Besides its Latin/scientific name Salacca, it’s also known as snake fruit.

  2. Suprisingly,its great with the penang rojak sauce. Eat it with pineapple, tofu, jicama (seng kuang), etc.

  3. Lilian,
    Those buah salak are so beautiful, slimmer than buah salak we ate in Medan. During a family vacation 13 years ago, I ate buah salak until my stomach hurt. Before we left Medan, I bought two basketfuls of buah salak. I like them. They’re sweet and a litte bitter lingered on the tongue. Love your pics.
    anyho, I would like to wish you a prosperous and abundance New Year.

  4. hi.. i love reading your blog esp. when your entries are about foods. Apparently, I have love affair with foods hehe ;)… By the way, just to let you know.. “jeruk salak” taste sooo good.

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