Morning glory ramblings.

I have been taking too many photos of foods, flowers, sceneries, tourist spots etc. Just this morning, I had trudged through one of Penang busiest wet market, i.e. Air Itam roadside stalls. Then, I went up the Air Itam dam. After that, I went to the nearby Kuan Yin temple.


Actually, I have a lot to write and lots of recipes to share. From last year Chinese New Year goodies to this year Christmas feast.


Hopefully, I will find the mood to do them. I guess when my children are back to school (from tomorrow onwards), I will find more time to purge out all those yummy foods.


Before Chinese New Year, I better get the recipes for the traditional Chinese New Year foods online. These are foods I learnt from my mother. I don’t have daughters to pass on the recipes. So, I shall share them online for all to enjoy. Watch this space often!

~On a side note, the above photos are taken with my Konica Dynax 5D this morning. I am too lazy to watermark or resize them. So, I had opened a new account at Flickr so that I have enough space to upload all the large sizes photos. Feel free to browse through my Flickr site under Malaysiabest. At the moment, there are only a few photos.~

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    (January 3, 2006 - 8:53 am)

    Like usual. And as always, good skill ambik gambar. Cantek 🙂

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