Koi (Chinese New Year)


I must have taken hundreds of photos of kois in their ponds. I love the koi fishes for their gracefulness, colour and symbolic fengshui meaning. OK, I no longer believe in fengshui but still, it is nice to decorate our home with beautiful things. 🙂

As I don’t own a landed property anymore, rearing koi is out of the question. So, I entertained myself with visiting koi ponds, whether in the shop or at public parks.

Yesterday, I managed to snap some better looking photos from the Kuan Yin Temple in Air Itam. By far, this is the most successful photo, as far as I am concerned. However, I wish I can manage to get only 8 kois in a single photo. Hahaha, difficult mission.

A bigger size photo can be found from my Flickr site. Do take it and use it as your desktop. Koi fishes are supposed to bring good luck to the owner. May your year be filled with lots of happiness, good luck and good health!

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  1. i love koi too but here in victoria state it is illegal to keep them! @!#$%^&* the gohmen sked they might escape into the wild and stuff up the eco-system in the local water-way! i tell u these orang putih have already stuff up the eco-system of australia long ago when they came here 200 years ago!

  2. LOL, like that oso can? How in the world can koi stuff up the eco-system? Do they breed that easily, I wonder.

  3. I dont know bout the koi. …but reading your blog really made me hungry with all those glory foodstuff. Nice work 5xmom. They really look heavenly….mmmmm.

    Some years ago I tasted the best beef noodles soup at an old shoplot diagonally across the penang police HQ. Is it still there?
    Will be making a trip up north this Friday and I hope to revisit the place.

  4. cockadoodle – Yeah, Kampung Malabar, I think. Not sure they still there or not ‘cos had not been there. The place has very nice fried rice at night. If you prefer a nicer ambience, you should try out Restaurant Kham Khee at Gottlieb Road, few doors away from Hotel Waterfall. They serves gu-bak steamboat.

    foodcrazee – Got no land so learn liao oso no use. Only got space for goldfishes.

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