Mushroom Bean (pink bean)

~I won’t be updating till next Wednesday or later. Off to KL again.~


The label says ‘mushroom bean’. I don’t have any idea what they are called in Chinese or Malay. However, I had bought and cooked them a few times. They are not exactly my favourite as I found the beans to smell ‘synthetic’ and normally, give me winds.

However, I know the beans will look pretty in pictures. So, I bought a bunch just for that purpose. 🙂 It costs only RM2.


My toddler had a nice time peeling the beans from the pods. So, I would say it has been a nice experience after all. He spent minutes sitting quietly and enjoyed himself tremendously.

The only way I know how to cook these beans are to make soups with them. I boiled some chicken bones with garlic as stock. These beans take a while (about 30 minutes) to cook so I boiled the beans together with the stock. Later, I added in chicken meat cut into cubes. Season the meat cubes with some cornflour, salt and pepper and leave to stand for a while before cooking. This will ensure that there is some flavour in the meat.

Once cooked, the beans lost their pinkish colour. It doesn’t look so attractive anymore. The taste is more or less like boiled groundnuts. So, the next time you find these in supermarkets, do grab a packet and try it yourself.

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  1. Lilian, greenapple blog about it too.

    She did a soup too.

    SOmething called Pearl Bean in chinese. Not sure also….call when u in KL. COme up lar if bored!

  2. Hi Lilian, first time leave comment here…attracted by your food blog as I love cooking…

    This bean all Pearl bean, I used to boil soup or cook it with porridge for my kids.

  3. i can still recall drinking this soup as a kid cooked by my mom 😉

    it tastes like… erm… giant green peas without the ‘green flavour’ – no better description i can think of i’m afraid *chuckles*

  4. It is called Pearl Bean (translated from Cantonese) and apparently it has very high nutrients…good for children. My toddler loves it either smashed up(minus the outer skin) in his porridge or the soup.

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