Photos of Chinatown around Penang


I am not sure if the Penang State Government has gazetted any part of the town as Chinatown because as far as I know, there isn’t. However, there are parts of the town area where there is that ‘Chinatown feel’ when it comes to festival like the area in Cintra Street, Campbell Street and Kimberly Street.


These photos are taken from Kimberly Street where several joss-sticks shops are. These Chinese businessmen have pooled their financial resources together and string the street with red-lanterns. I must say that this is a very commendable efforts by these individuals.

Chinatowns are tourist spots that attract tourists around the world. I hope our Government will make a greater effort to promote this unique place.


I snapped these photos two nights ago, on a full moon night. Isn’t it so pretty? A full moon over a row of old, old pre-war shophouses with strings of red (yellow) lanterns.

At that time, I just stepped out of a traditional steamboat restaurant (Goh Huat Seng) and feel so blessed to be in Penang, where everything is located within walking distance.

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  1. almost the whole penang island is occupied mainly by chinese, there isn’t any “china town”

    try not to invent..

    i’m from penang

  2. KY – Not really, we have Kampung Melayu, Little India so it is only appropriate to have Chinatown. The metal arch they built at Campbell street is part of the intended project, isn’t it?

    WuChing – Come!

  3. Hay ky jellee, how da hell is yu ?
    Rememba mee, met yu on jollee chollee road.
    yu wit da bald head and no middle finga.
    hus say hello, goodbye.

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