Recipe : Crispy surimi

1) What is Surimi?

Surimi in Japanese means “Minced Fish”, it’s pronounced “Sir-Ree-Mee”. Surimi produced with skinless Alaska Pollack, a lean, mild-tasting white fish from the cod family, but in Southeast Asia use slightly different fish.

Surimi in brief is a fish minced meat that has been leached by washing with water then mixed with sugar and other additives then frozen. It’s widely used in Japan for the manufacturer of Fish jelly products such as imitation crabstick


Everyone recognise this red thingie locally referred as crabstick.


Just thaw them and tear into thin pieces. You just need to un-roll them and tear.


You may want to leave them to dry on a tea-towel for an hour or two so that they are faster to cook without all the retain moisture. This is optional, though.


Deep fry them in hot oil.

What you get is super delicious, yummy, addictive (though oil and MSG laden) crispy snacks perfect for Chinese New Year!

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  1. yumyum, i ate this at someone’s place last CNY and i did not belip they’re deep fried crabstick!!!! hmm maybe i shld make this for CNY :p thanks for reminding me of this

  2. I heard difficult to fry leh. Tak jadi one, I think need to make sure it’s really dry. And outside also selling quite expensive ler.

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