Recipe : Seafood springrolls


Fried springrolls are popular party food. I had shared a full recipe in my previous blog. Most probably, I will be making some for Chinese New Year too.


Ready made springrolls skin is readily available from supermarkets. Thaw (if they are from the freezer) and gently separate the individual pieces ONLY when you are ready to wrap the springrolls. Otherwise, they harden and you can’t roll the sheets anymore. To solve this problem, just take a clean, moist towel and wrap them for a while to soften.


Place the fillings at the corner of the sheet. Note that the fillings must be very dry, i.e. no sauce dripping. To dry the fillings after cooking, just leave them on a percolator/sieve for the sauce to drip away.


Roll up the springroll like the above. Usually, I do not need to seal the endings with any water or egg.


If your fillings are dry, then, you can safely leave the rolled springrolls for a while before deep-frying. Otherwise, they will turn soggy and messy.

So, the basic tips are to maintain the springrolls skin/sheets in its soft and pliable state by wrapping them with moist, clean towels and to make sure that the fillings are absolutely dry with very little moisture.

Other than that, it is almost a fool-proof dish which is elegant and a party favourite.

I will share the recipe for the seafood fillings later. (‘cos I forget to upload the photos 🙂 )

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  1. foodcrazee – I am a keen learner. I have loads of food magazines and recipe books so I steal the idea. With trial and error, I learnt that taking photos of food is about angles, simplicity and the less, the better.

    chengsim – Tks!

  2. ahh…..popiah goreng….*slurrppp*

    the main problem I faced was I became greedy with the fillings. Then when goreng time, the popiah leaked.

  3. I love springroll..Last time during weekends I will buy it for my evening snack….The crispy part is the one that hooked me….

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