This baker is busy


Posting is slow these days because I am busy preparing for Chinese New Year.

The above are the mixed fruits that I have soaked in brandy for the past three days. I am baking some fruit cakes. Recipe can be found from PenangFaces blog.

Today, I also bake some chocolate chip cookies and wanted to cook some pineapple jam to make pineapple tarts. Unfortunately, my jam tasted hot because the skillet I used to cook the jam was used for boiling dried chili earlier. Grrr….now, I have a bunch of sweet and yet very hot pineapple jam. Probably I use them to cook curries one day? Meantime, I have frozen the whole batch and will try again to make another batch of pineapple jam. I have never bake pineapple tarts before but they seem very easy to do. Wish me better luck tomorrow! 🙂

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  1. Lots of great inventions are the result of accidents. If proper marketing, you can be the inventor of the FAMOUS SPICY PENANG JAM TARTS!


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