Happy Lunar New Year

A quick post to wish all Chinese readers of MalaysiaBest.net, “GONG XI FA CAI and may you have happiness, good health and prosperity through the year”.


The eve of Chinese New Year or the Lunar New Year is celebrated with families over a reunion dinner. Family members will travel far and wide to return home to their parents to have this very meaningful meal together.

My little family bought a yee sang set from Cold Storage this afternoon (cost RM23.88) which comes complete with all the crispy crunchies, raw salmon, jellyfish, sauces and vegetables.


Yee Sang or raw fish rhymes with ‘Keeping rising (prosper) up)’. The aim of this dish is for everyone to gather together, take their chopsticks and toss the pieces as high as possible while making good wishes.

You can see from the pic that there is even a few pieces of yee sang hanging in midair (between the word yee sang and my toddler’s face). Hahaha, we actually bought it to eat and I totally forget about making any wishes, only telling the kids not to toss and mess my table and floor while busy snapping this photo.


We also make a very simple steamboat with food stuffs that my children eat. No spicy tomyam this year.

So, that’s how most Chinese families celebrate Chinese New Year’s Eve.

Once again, Kung Hei Fatt Choy!

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  1. hi, your pineapple rolls look so yummy. Do you mind sharing your recipes? I made some myself, but the pastry didn’t look as good as yours. Happy Chinese New Year!!

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