Kedah : Paddy Museum

We went for a 12-hour trip yesterday to the northern states of Kedah and Perlis. Most people only know Kedah is famous for it’s Langkawi islands whilst Perlis is the gateway to Thailand and that’s about all. So, let me introduce you to a few places of interest in Kedah and Perlis.


This building stands shining under the hot sun in the middle of the paddy fields. If you are wondering what these are, they are built to resemble bushels (gunny sacks) of paddy or padi in their husks.


This is the Paddy Museum or Muzium Padi in Kedah. Close up of the roof.


The museum is next to the limestone hill call Gunung Keriang. This little hill jut out in the middle of the flat land which is covered by paddy fields. Legend has it that this mountain rotates.


It is past harvest time and all the paddy fields are bare with dried stalks. I am sure they must be very beautiful when the paddy is just growing, making the whole place covered with green carpet-like field or when the paddy is ripe and golden yellow.


Now, this is the highlight of the visit to the museum. We went up a dark, cave-like ‘tunnel’ to the top floor of the building. And guess what? The floor revolves and there are 3-D pictures of the sceneries. I must say that this is an interesting feature because the drawings are really like real life with life size objects and humans. It doesn’t look so nice in photos though. We can pretend to sit on the top of the mythical rotating Gunung Keriang without having to hike up the hill. I tried googling for more information to share but unfortunately, not much is available.

If you are in the vicinity of the northern states, do drop by this museum because it is well maintained and manned by decent staffs (who blow whistles!). The entrance to the museum is free but one need to buy tickets to the revolving tower. Cost is only RM3 for adult, RM1 for children and RM2 for the camera. Location? It is somewhere near Alor Setar. I accidentally stumbled upon the place and cannot remember it!

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  1. kedah is a nice state, funny how ppl don’t appreciate what’s in their own backyard like what kennysia discovered yeaterday as well in his latest post!

  2. Wah! u went to G. Keriang. Did u climb up the Gunung? My grandma’s place is not far from the Gunung. I call it M’sia’s green version of Ayers Rock. Jutting out of nowhere. U can even see it while taking Langkawi ferry from Kuala Kedah. I think I blogged abt this once.

  3. i am interested to go there but do not get lotsa information about paddy museum such as the management office involved. I heard there is a crystal hunting as well. So could anyone provide me more information as i planned to go there 🙂

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