Kitkat – Lemon Cheesecake flavour


This caught my eyes and out of curiousity, I bought a box. KitKat Lemon Cheesecake flavoured confectionery. The box even have the holes often associated with cheese.


They call it the Limited Edition 02. This is the second limited edition of KitKat. The first one is the dark chocolate fingers which is still available on sale.

Upon opening, I can smell the cheese but not the lemon. The taste is like white chocolate and the wafer is the usual one. Verdict? I will only try once. 🙂

Cost : RM4.99 for two packs of two fingers.

4 Replies to “Kitkat – Lemon Cheesecake flavour”

  1. eeew.
    this is such a digrace to the cheesecake-lovers society. haha.
    shld they associate the most loved cake flavours with chocolates. with addition of lemons?

    haha. i over-exaggerated. then again, i dunno if i shld try it. lemon, cheesecake and chocolate don’t go well together. KitKat original is still the best and by far my favourite. i guess the KitKat company got a lil bored during the CNY break and experiment whatever ingredients they have.

  2. foodcrazee – Hahaha, good, good. I wonder why KitKat divert so much from their original marketing of ‘Take a break’.

    chengsim – Next they probably will have tiramisu flavour too. BTW, there is not chocolate in there, only white chocolate.

    narrowband – Nowadays, I don’t fancy locally made KitKat anymore. But imported ones are hard to come by. My latest craving is Ritter Sport Rum and Raisin.

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