Thaipusam – breaking of coconuts and the steps


This breaking of old coconuts along the road where Lord Murugan will pass is a ritual that is carried out one day before Thaipusam. Many devotees will pledge a certain number of coconuts each year and to fulfil their vow, lorry loads of old coconuts will be lined along the roads where the chariot of Lord Murugan passes. The coconut water is meant to wash clean the roads.

I happened to pass by the Hindu temple at the junction of Jalan Waterfall and Jalan Gottlieb and found the Hindus breaking coconuts. My husband took my toddler along to join in the gaiety. Hahaha, my toddler flung a coconut and almost hit someone’s head. Boy, old coconuts are hard to break.


After that, we decided to go to the main temple up the hill where all the kavadi bearers will climb up on Thaipusam. It is a quite a climb and I must say that I admire the strength of all those people who will be carrying the heavy kavadis, their babies (usually using sugar cane and yellow cloth as cradle), milk pots and etc up the temple. The temple is still quite empty today as the main festival only starts tomorrow (Friday, 10th Feb) and last till Sunday.


The temple gleaming bright, high on the hill.

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