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I recently found a blogger from Penang who mentioned about this. After looking at her food photos, I decided to try the Haagen Dazs Chocolate Fondue today.


The portion will serves at least three adults as they provided altogether 12 little balls of icecream, 3 balls of four flavours. Other than that, there are lots of fruits like peaches, strawberry, apple and banana. Of all the fruits, our local banana taste the best when coated with chocolate and roasted almonds. Yay to Malaysia fruits!


The fondue pot is made of ceramic and the chocolate is put over a bowl of hot water and heated with tealight. Therefore, the chocolate does not get too hot and neither will it dries up like some other fondue. They gave a generous portion of roasted almond which goes perfectly with the chocolate.


Once you dipped the icecream into the melted chocolate, it hardens up the chocolate. One grouse I have is they don’t allow patrons to choose their preferred flavours. They decide on the flavours and we got these flavours : coffee, raspberries something, butter pecans and cookies and cream.


My children thoroughly enjoyed the dips. The cost is RM44++ and considering its portion is enough for three adults, I would say that it is a fun thing to eat. However, you can’t linger too long with them because the icecreams starts to melt and the chocolate in the pot starts to harden as the dipped icecream hardened them while the fire/hot water is not hot enough to keep it melting. Towards the end, my children cleaned the chocolate from the pot with the chocolate cookies, waffles pieces and cake provided with the fondue set. 🙂

This fondue is perfect for little parties.

(No, I am not given a free cone of icecream by Haagen Dazs to write this! hahaha)

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  1. Yums! We have it in KL too but never got round to trying it as Splashie Boy is not so into fondues. Must go look for another boyfriend or my girlfriends to try it out.

  2. mmm…chocolate…i love chocolate fondue, we used to have them quite regularly but don’t know why not anymore…oh i know! lou poh not making it anymore..:(

  3. Hi.
    I understand that you also have a web at Penang Faces and wish to ask which is the latest? Shall I view your malaysiabest or Penang Faces. I like to read your web and blog. Lau Nuah when I saw your mouth-watering dishes. Btw, do you have Penang Koay Teow Th’ng recipe or whatever picture. I really love it since young but no still searching for one in KL. Can you recommend one nice KTT in KL or cook for meLah. Tks and kamsiah

  4. You kids are lucky for being fed with such expensive desserts. Some of us average income moms find it difficult to even purchase the RM2.50 icecream. Its sad that the rich kids get the best of everything while others dont, especially some who are at orphanages and homeless.

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