Recipe : Oops, XO roasted chicken!

I actually tried to post the recipe earlier but my post was accidentally deleted. Now, I am not too sure if chicken gives you the creeps about bird flu or it still makes you drool.


Recipe for XO roasted chicken

1 large free range chicken about 1 kg per (free range is not to be confused with kampung chicken. This is a huge, muscled chicken that is costlier than the mass produced ones)

Generous amount of XO (the liquor) , brandy or white wine

Generous amount of salt and pepper

Some bacon slices

Some butter


Rub chicken with salt, pepper and soak in liquour. Leave to season for several hours. To make chicken absorb the flavour faster, slightly slice them internally. I.e. take a sharp knife, cut from inside, don’t break open the skin.

Put in roasting pan which has a little oil (to prevent chicken sticking to the pan). Leave the breast side up. Gently pry and separate the skin and flesh. Insert butter in between. Cover the top part of the chicken with bacons.

Roast in 200 deg oven for about 40-60 minutes. Midway, when the bacon is brown and crispy, remove them. Otherwise, they will burn beyond consumption.

To test if chicken is cooked, just poke a sharp thing like chopstick or satay stick into the thickest part, i.e. above the chicken thigh and also the chicken breast. If no blood flows out, then it is cooked.


The drippings on the pan – I boiled some pasta and use the drippings on the pan as the sauce. It is just some melted butter coupled with the XO sauce but the taste is great.


Personally, I am not one of those who panic at the first instance and stay away from certain products/food the moment there is some rumours. I won’t go all the way out to get cheap/free chicken but neither will I avoid them at all cost.

So, I will continue eating chicken if they appear in the market. What about you? Have you freaked out at the thought of contracting bird flu when come in contact with the raw chicken?

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6 thoughts on “Recipe : Oops, XO roasted chicken!


    (February 24, 2006 - 1:51 pm)


    Sear – wrong word lar. Anyway, its looks and sounds delish….Free Range chicken is teh pawn. I thought u were using XO Sauce from the title. I was wrong..

    what will happen if you pour some of the marinade into the cavity before roasting ? am sure the chicken will taste of the liquor and I will suck on the bones….delish


    (February 24, 2006 - 3:11 pm)

    foodcrazee – Yahor, sear means to burn the outer layer a little bit hor. So, I say cut? Not really cut but just slight thin cuts. It smells great. My Christmas turkey also use this style.


    (February 24, 2006 - 9:03 pm)

    Kak lilian, charred maybe? Like charred when barbecued? Eh what can I use to ganti XO eh? Just plain ol chicken stock? What would happen if I were to subtitute that with apple cider?
    Kak lilian, the daughter celebrate birthday monthly until she could start to ask me for things for her birthday hehe…Then it would be an annual thingy only lor


    (February 26, 2006 - 3:23 pm)

    I thought it was XO Sauce roasted chicken too like foodcrazee. On Marlinda’s question on apple cider, I can imagine it will taste great as I cooked some chicken with non-alcoholic pear cider which was yummy that day.


    (February 26, 2006 - 6:16 pm)

    Thanks for that info!

    […] The whole chicken that was seasoned with only salt, pepper and XO brandy (just like my Christmas turkey and this recipe). I stuffed one orange to roast (ala Jamie Oliver’s turkey). First, microwave the orange for 1 min before stuffing in. I also stuffed some butter between the skin and flesh of the chicken to get this crispy skin. And rub with some sage (fresh herb). 1 hour roasting at 180 deg. celcius. […]

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