Of popiah, cendol, lok-lok and 40 yrs old hawker centre


This is a sign that the place is old, very old. Because these are remnants of our colonial past, I suppose. We locals call it Padang. It is Padang Brown which I think used to belong to some Mr. Brown.


I look closely at the signboard and it says…1966! Wow, 40 years old hawker centre. Which explains why people don’t go to this place much anymore. However, I was there the other for some stuffs and decided to pop by for tea. This is the big field flanks Jalan Datuk Kramat, Anson Road, Perak Road and Johor Road.


Best pohpiah with real crab flesh. 20 years ago, I used to patronise this popiah stall when I was taking my secretarial course. A young man used to sell the pohpiah with his father. And yikes, reminder that I am old too.


Young man has turned old man and I guess the old man must have passed on.


Another shot of the pohpiah. It’s sauce has a strong crab’s smell and I like that. It is sort of like the prawn noodle soup. Usually, most pohpiah has very mild taste of just turnips and some soya bean cake. This one has the real oomph. I think I will probably return again to Padang just for the pohpiah.

Cost of normal pohpiah is RM1.20 per piece and the one with added crab meat is RM2. Which is very cheap, in my opinion.


What is tea time without cendol? The cendol is good with the tiny red beans. A small bowl, though. Wish I can have two bowls.


Another shot of the cendol with the stringy green stuffs.

I shall post the lok-lok photos in another posting because there are too many pics. Enjoy the pohpiah and cendol! If you want more of Penang Foods, please visit my newly established Penang Foods Blog.

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  1. wuching – Pssst…secret la. Here I am known as Administrator only mah. How come you know so well hor?

    babe – Yeah, drools indeed.

    boo – We got everything in one place! Jeles?

  2. Hi there…I bumped into ur yummylicious site a few days ago…and being far away frm home, your site does a marvelous feat at making me yearn for Malaysian Food, on a daily basis! ;p Well, better than nothing…! Keep up the yummylicousness!

  3. Rodney – 🙂

    Prometeuz – It is the lettuce leave la. They put a leaf of lettuce over the pohpiah skin so that the skin doesn’t get too soggy.

    denice – But you are in KL!

    boo – Hehehe

    Anan – Sure will do that!

    marlinda – Memang seeeedapppp

  4. […] It is very interesting to sit down al-fresco with a bunch of friends for lok-lok. But do it only on breezy days because the heat from the cooking gas coupled with the spicy hot chillies and the burning sun will make it an unbearable experience. I don’t quite like sitting down for lok-lok so I can’t recommend any good stalls in Penang. The above pictures are taken from the Padang Brown hawker stalls. They have another section with Malay, halal satay celup too. […]

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