Hot hot hot

Here’s a batch of photos which I had meddled with using Picasa2. The current hot and dry weather in Penang is driving me crazy. It is horribly hot every afternoon. At times like these, I wish I work in an aircond office. But no….I have to drive to the park each evening around 5 pm. At that time, the sun is still burning hot and glaring.


This is a highly ‘adulterated’ photo of the cascading old tree. The sun was abnormally bright and the sky so blue. The leaves are sparse because most of these trees have shed their leaves in this dry weather.


I was sitting on the steps one day and decided to take photos of whatever I can get my hands on. So, I picked up a bunch of dried leaves and try to create the desert mood by placing them next to the cracking paint. Hahaha, my artistic mission failed somewhat.


The dried earth. I notice that it is very beautiful capture the dried and cracked earth surfaces. I was at the paddy fields the other day and the mud cracks were really nice. Unfortunately, it was too hot for me to get down from the car to take a macro shot.


Ahh…respite from the heat. Water, not rain water or dew, from the gardener’s hose on this red petal.

**I am trying hard to go on a vegetarian diet these few days, so hopefully, I don’t succumb to my own food photos!

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  1. mar -Terima kasih! I enjoy improving the skills. Takes time to read and oso copycat sikit sikit.

    LcF- I got two kick-ass cameras which cost about RM6K in total. *blush…..

    dragon city – Hot, no rain for a long time. Even if rain, just a short while only.

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