My vegetarian struggle


A plate of kungpo vegetarian prawns. (Recipe can be found here) The vegetarian prawns are made really crunchy and nice! The kungpo sauce provided the taste and I have survive yet another day. I did not know that it is that hard to go on vegetarian diet. Today is only my 2nd day and frankly, my will is getting weak.

I was frying this very delicious and crunchy chicken popcorn for my children and almost succumbed to pop some into my mouth. LOL.

I am not forced to be on vegetarian diet but I am challenging my own self to do so. I doubt I can go on full vegetarian diet for 40 days (during the season of Lent). Nevertheless, it is fun thinking of ways to cook vegetarian food and hope I manage to at least accomplish a few days.


To pacify myself from my ‘no sugar, no milk’ coffee routine, I boiled this pot of red beans, longan and gingko. They are more for my kids and husband (whom are not on vegetarian diet). Yummm….sugar never taste so good!

I am going to the supermarket tonight and stock up on lots of vegetarian foodstuffs and tune myself to eating less, eating only vegetables and no junk foods. I comfort myself that if I cannot do it every single day for the next fourty days, I will at least be successful on every Friday for the next 7 weeks.

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  1. Funny we are doing the same thing at the same time.

    I’m trying..

    1) Gym every day
    2) No sugary/fizzy drinks
    3) No greasy/oily food
    4) No alchohol

    Im aiming for the whole of march. I’m not bothered about meat vs veg, as protein based food like steamed chicken, prawns or fish is just as healthy as vege!

  2. Wow! 🙂

    As for me I make it a must to abstain from meat on Fridays (and I try on other days also la…). The rest of the days I do some (light) fasting. Hehe.

    Do remember get your daily requirement of protein from milk and eggs. ‘Cos I tried a 100% vegetarian diet the last time (for a week) and my legs went wobbly. 😛

  3. Vegetarian diet if based on mock meats will not provide the required nutrients for your body. If you check on the nutrient labels (some don’t have any labels), their nutrients are not as many as in vegetables. My husband and I have colorful vegetables for all our meals. The trick is not to boil or cook your vegetables too soft so that they retain the crunchiness. When you eat them, you can feel like you are chewing something almost like chewing on meat.

    Vegetables are very effective in cleaning out the so called “trash” in our bodies hahaha. I used to have a big problem with digestion due to my meat based diet. I also had major constipation problem. Once I switched from meat to vegetables, I felt like i had a natural broom inside my intestines, sweeping out the unwanted trash. At the same time, our cholestoral also dropped to low levels (a lot lower than the average in the US that our insurance company gave us the lowest premium). Once we know what a healthy body is like, we know how to control our eating so that we can keep our bodies happy. When our bodies are happy, we can live longer.

  4. boo -Tks for the moral support! I need to expose the quest a bit for the added push or else I will went back to my pigging out.

    Phan – Thanks for the informative input. I am trying hard to continue. In fact, I went out and bought loads of vege and meat substitutes to last me for some time.

    dragon city – I think the package said konyaku jelly and yam? It is springy like prawns minus the sin.

    Celestine – Thanks for that tip! I adore eggs and will certainly take one a day.

    ST – So we can expect to see a ST with abs and not flabs? 🙂

  5. you can do it, just think it is only for 40 days and 4 days have gone by. Do vary your diet and supplement it with lentils/pulses, cous-cous/soya mince/chunks. Experiment with stuffed veges like cous-cous in roasted capsicums with cashew nuts, am sure your kids will like it too.
    Initially your body will always feel “weaker” in the 1st week as your body’s system is adjusting , but soon you will feel lighter and have more energy.
    Am sure you have the willpower to do it, after all you are doing it for the greater good

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