Samballicous your vegetables

I have collected a few photos of my home-cooked sambal stir fried vegetables over the months. Usually, when we go out for meals, we hardly order any sambal stir fried vegetables as a few of my kids can’t take spicy food. Moreover, I found their stir fried vegetables too oily. Most of the time, the vegetables are floating in a sea of red oil!


The first one is fried kangkung. I added some pounded dried prawns to the sambal paste (tips to be given later). Normally, kangkung turns colour very fast and hence, only suitable for a quick stir and serve. If you leave them longer, it will turn purple.


This is the stir fried four-angle beans with shrimp. I added some cincalok (preserved tiny shrimps) in the sambal paste. Another yummy idea.


Here is the stir fried asparagus. If using asparagus, make sure that you skin the lower part of the asparagus which can be very stringy and tough. I added some dried ‘yee pheen’ which is dried sole fish to the sambal paste for more flavour.

Most quick-cooking, vegetables are suitable for sambal stir fry like long beans, dou meow (pea sprout) just to name a few. I don’t pound my own sambal because the prawn paste (belacan) stinks! 🙂 Usually, I buy the pre-pounded one from the wet market. You can find some pretty nice sambal from Carrefour too. However, avoid eating these pre-pounded sambal fresh because they may cause some tummy upset if they are not stored properly.

To stir fry, the wok must be very hot. Add a little oil, some sambal paste and stir till fragrant. Quickly add in your vegetable which had been washed and drained well (no water left). Usually, no other seasoning is required because the sambal already has an overpowering taste.

If you like, you can pound some shallots and dried prawns and add to the sambal paste for a thicker sauce.

8 Replies to “Samballicous your vegetables”

  1. Wahhh…drool,drools….if i can find a wifey that can cook vege so well, sure become vegetarian la.

  2. everything goes best with sambal. its sad that ur kids don’t really appreciate sambal because i love it! adding belacan is good too.

  3. CLF – Hope you find good food.

    chengsim – My kids are small so they can’t tahan the spiciness. I do cook but not that often.

    foodcrazee – Better than take-out cos less oil so can stuff the vege with less guilt.

    jeremy – Most Malaysians do

    Jacky – The prawns are lovely!

    Prometeuz – First of all, you have to find someone who can cooks. Hard to find nowadays! Keep looking.

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