More Moss


Just taking a break from all those recipe posts. In fact, I have many stuffs lining up like asam pedas, palak paneer (minus the paneer), goreng pisang and a green tea and orange cake recipes and photos.

So, when I have ran out of flowers to capture, I go down to the ground. There is interesting stuffs to see there. Pebbles, moss, sands, tiny insects, dried leaves, fallen petals etc.

All these photos are taken with my Konica Z3 which has super kickass supermacro mode. My current Dynax 5D can’t get as close unless I buy another lense, not likely though.


Closer shot of the moss between the cracks of the tiles.


Moss on some huge boulder at a waterfall in Taiping.

Other post on moss.

4 Replies to “More Moss”

  1. Prometeuz – I certainly do! If there is a moss land, lemme know, ok?

    Wuching – You experiment and see?

    may – Really beautiful texture. Normally, I don’t see them so spiky with my eyes. I only get to see these through my macro shots.

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