Recipe : French and Chinese salad (century egg)

One of my blog reader, moo_t gave me an idea for a salad using century egg and capsicums. He suggested to me to play around with the dressings.


Normally, there aren’t many choices I can find from the supermarket shelves except for Italian dressings and French vinaigrette. (I don’t like fattening Thousand Islands) Italian dressing can be easily mixed at home. Usually, I just use some salt, olive oil, a little herbs and a few drops of cider vinegar or lemon juice. However, French dressing is harder to DIY because it involves djon mustard, garlic etc. So, I had mine from the bottle.

It so happens that I boiled some spiral pasta for my children’s carbonara. So, I grab a bunch to add in to the salad. The sauce wasn’t salty at all so I added in one chopped dill to provide some taste.


So, there I have this mixture of capsicums, pasta, century egg and dill with dressings. Red and yellow capsicums are really juicy and sweet.

I am not a salad person and hardly make salads. Surprisingly my bowl of salad gave me a satisfying dinner. Probably, I am hooked on this vegetables routine. Next, I am going to find a nice bunch of watercress(saryong choy) to make salad. They taste really nice fresh, you know? It has that woody taste. (usually Chinese make soup with them)

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  1. make sure you get the sprouts or it will taste awful. The sprout is sweeter and tender. Great stuff as salad. ot many malaysian know how to enjoy that but the Viets have in their menu and its really nice to have fresh watercress as salad….Use fish sauce, garlic, chilli and a lil sugar and oil as dressing. Chun-ess….hor liao

  2. Interesting idea abt using century egg. Kinda like the century egg with tofu idea. I usually make my own French dressing – just chuck everything in an empty jar and shake it up and you have fresh salad dressing.

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