Recipe : Green Tea, orange butter cake


I made a batch of green tea, orange butter cake recently. The kids prefer cakes in individual casings and hence, I bought these paper cups which can stand alone without another aluminium casings for baking. Each casing costs almost 30 cents so it is not very ideal for large amount of baking.


I used the recipe in my other posting and added the juice of one orange and the grated skin (the orange part only) of two oranges. On top of that, I added in two heaped teaspoons of green tea powder. I bought the green tea powder from the baking specialist shop. It is rather costly, at RM6.80 for a little container.


I was expecting a green coloured cake but it turned out to be tea coloured. The above photo is the cake using only oranges. The one with the tea coloured did not look too appetising on photos. 🙂

Anyway, the cake smells really heavenly and taste good. I will probably add more green tea in future recipe.

I have revived the PenangFaces blog and recently, moved server. Hopefully, I can find time to post some non-halal recipes over at the PenangFaces blog.

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  1. Try using a Japanese brand of green tea powder. You can find it at the tea aisle at Jaya Jusco or Isetan’s supermarket. They’re a little expensive but it’s really good. I used it to make green tea ice-cream.

  2. There is many types of green tea for Chinese. Oolong, lung jing(dragon well) is green tea. Always processes to create a rich flavour (this is true for premium Chinese green tea)

    Japanese green tea like macha, is just steamed tea that grin to powder forms. Sencha is made from steamed tea leave.

    Since those powder are expensive, you can try black tea. E.g. Darjeeling, Assam, Jawa.

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