Bourbon Choco & Coffee biscuits

Beautiful things are beyond time.

Women’s history never cease to yearn for beauty.


What a verse! This is not taken from some fashion or jewelleries stuffs. This appears on a biscuit box. One of my favourite biscuit which is made in Japan. A box costs around RM4 and found under the Japanese food sections in most supermarkets.

If you have never try it, do check it out. The biscuit is crispy and the coffee and chocolate cream is yummy. I especially love the coffee cream.


Come to think of it, the biscuit is rather pretty, isn’t it? So, I guess it does appeal to women for its aesthetic reasons apart from the lure of the chocolate and coffee.

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1 thought on “Bourbon Choco & Coffee biscuits


    (March 22, 2006 - 9:30 am)

    I prefer the coffee topping and always leave the chocolate one to my collegue. We always share a box because she like the chocolate and I like the coffee. Seems fair to me.

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