Easter is next week…

I just checked back on my recent posts and notice that this blog is lacking oomph.  I flipped through the calendar and am a little glad that Easter is only next week.

You know why?  Because I can go back to eating stuffs like juicy steaks, meaty crabs, crunchy prawns, crispy fishes and drools….oysters.

Last night, I ordered a vegetarian burger from McDonalds and was apprehensive how it tastes.  I was famished after church and my kids insisted on eating at McDonalds.  So, I had no choice but to order something that I would otherwise, never try.   I expected a cardboard texture but am pleasantly surprised that it tasted good!   If you have never eaten McDonald vegetarian burger, try it!  I do not know how it tastes in other countries but over here in Malaysia, they localised the flavour.  The burger is made from dhal and maybe potatoes with some mild curry flavour.  It was moist and not dry at all.  With the fresh salad and mayonnaise, it taste even better than McEgg.  And yeah!  The banana pie is back, for a limited time only.  It is like goreng pisang.
See?  I am getting boring after being on vegetarian diet for 40 days (9 more days to go).  I hope I have not bored every one of MalaysiaBest readers.

Anyway, this past 40 days have also been interesting to me because I get to experiment  with so many things vegetarian.  One thing for sure, after this vegetarian diet, I am definitely going to eat more non-animals in my daily diet.

(I am on vegetarian fast during the season of Lent.  Lent is 49 days before Easter.  Though it is not compulsory, Catholics do observe some form of self-restrain during this period for personal reflections.)

The coming week will see me rather busy so I may or may not update that often. Tata…

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  1. i remember i ate once McD vege burger at the McD near sunshine square, my first ever bought McD vege burger was dry and hard. that was such an unpleasant meal i had… but perhaps i was just being unlucky? maybe that was a leftover or something. I should go and give it another try one day.

  2. Auntie ah…sorry to tell u this but I still prefer your old blog theme la. I find the old one to be more comfortable to read.

  3. Hey … think that’s such a wonderful thing you are doing … to be abstaining from meat …
    Me too … and it’s sooo wonderful to know someone out there do to that too. Anyway, blessed Easter to you!

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