Recipe : Camberg or Carlsbell stew and pasta

I got this recipe from one of my parenting forum member. You may substitute beer with coke if you do not take alchohol. Here’s the short recipe I got from Mom2One:

hi, you may want to try this. one can coke, one can mushroom soup (campbell) some chicken bouillon or gravy to taste, half a chicken (chopped), some root vegetables and leave for 5 to 6 hours. my brothers like them. sometimes i use a can of beer instead of coke. i got this from my aunt’s mother in law residing in british columbia, canada. she is a real good cook.

It being a Sunday, I decided to be a little adventurous and try the recipe. I use plenty of zucchini because it is my new found vegetable. It turns mushy and give the stew a very nice, smooth and thick consistency.

At first it was our stew for lunch. It is absolutely unique and delicious!

And I transform the leftovers into this hearty penne for dinner by adding some cheese and black pepper. I boiled the penne till al dente (firm and not mushy) and put them into the stew.

The recipe for what I call the Camberg or Carlsbell stew

  • 1 can beer or coke
  • 1 can mushroom soup
  • half a can of milk

Whisk till smooth.

  • Meat – I use two chicken thighs

Chop into huge chunks

  • Vegetables – I used 1 can button mushroom, 2 zucchini and one large potato

Cut into large chunks

  • Garlic, onion and some butter

Heat butter and stir garlic and onion. Add in the rest of the vegetables, meat and soup/beer or coke.

Slow cook over low fire for about 1 hour or use a slow cooker. I used a pressure cooker and it takes just a few minutes.

The result is this very unique fragrance stew because of the woody smell of the beer. I am sure coke will yield the same result. You no longer can discern the mundane taste of Campbell mushroom soup because these secret ingredients in the beer or coke cover it. Do taste and add some salt and pepper/black pepper or herbs to enhance the taste.

Happy experimenting! Thanks to Mom2One for the great idea.

Probably, I am going to prepare this for my Easter potluck. Adding some hard boiled eggs for the Easter feel, carrots for the colour and some yellow zucchini will make this dish very attractive I think.

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  1. Hi, I enjoy reading your blog 🙂 Always wish to start a blog on my own but never get it started.hehe. Anyway, this recipe looks simple and nice.i was wondering what type of milk do you use in this recipe?

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