Hot cross bun for Good Friday

Hot cross bun is traditional eaten on Good Friday.

Catholic Christians observe a day of fasting today and I was told that some churches give out hot cross buns after the mass.  I have yet to see it, though.  🙂

It is basically sweet buns with some cinnamon and mixed dried fruits.  There are tiny crosses on the bun, usually made with sugar, dough or just slice the top of the bun before baking.

Go grab yourself some hot cross bun!  Most bakeries stock them during Easter.

5 Replies to “Hot cross bun for Good Friday”

  1. I miss buying hot cross buns in England. Tesco UK stores sell them for 45p per pack. I’ve yet to find good hot cross buns in Malaysia, though.

  2. From another site:
    No Mass is celebrated on this day,(Good Friday) but the service of Good Friday is called the Mass of the Presanctified because Communion (in the species of bread) which had already been consecrated on Holy Thursday is given to the people .

    Clear as mud! LOL


  3. darn i had wanted to bake hot cross bun yesterday afternoon… cilaka the yeast i’ve gotten refused to foam… yarks whole tin need to be discard d… not active one!!!

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