Sobs….when are the durians dropping?

Usually, around this time of the year, the durians are dropping in Penang. But so far, no signs of them yet. I was so desperate, I even asked my dear hubby to drive me to Balik Pulau to watch the durians dangling from the trees. Of course, he said I am crazy.

Sure, we do have other types of durians but none can compare to our Balik Pulau durians. I miss them so. I even open an album on my Flickr site to store all those pics of durians I have taken over the years. Let me go lick my computer monitor.

If I can’t have it, at least let me smell it. LOL.

I can never get enough of durians from Balik Pulau. I want them now!!! Sobssss…

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5 thoughts on “Sobs….when are the durians dropping?


    (April 26, 2006 - 4:25 pm)

    Kak lilian,
    I tak boleh makan durian since I was pregnant with tia. Makan/bau/nampak durian, sure nak muntah…
    Try makan durian tu kan, muntahnya makan apa saja…
    Sampai sekarang kalau I nampak durian, I jadi mcm risau hehehe…


    (April 26, 2006 - 4:25 pm)

    I saw lorryloads of Durian just arrived at Chow Kit recently. I think the season gonna start soon.
    I planning for a trip home and somewhere in the middle of Pahang to coincide with durian season.


    (April 26, 2006 - 6:25 pm)

    I’m sure it’ll be dropping soon and u’ll be feasting on them anytime. Try to get to a durian orchard as it’s really fun to go up the hills to pick your own.


    (April 26, 2006 - 6:48 pm)

    aiyo, i miss durians so very much!


    (April 27, 2006 - 3:25 am)

    I didn’t realize there was a season for durians, in the States they are special ordered for shops anyway, so I never thought about when and where they are getting them from!

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