Another ‘I know what you eat last summer’ post

I have seen a lot of bloggers lamenting how boring food blogs are.  And I do tend to agree with them.  There are excellents ones like those listed in my blogroll.  Off hand, I like to read local food blogs by  Boo, Babe, Foodcrazee because they have a style of their own. Boo’s excellent way of expressing the food and her helpful informations thrown in is very refreshing. It is almost like reading a food magazine.  Babe’s blog is for its simplicity and joy of a loving mother cooking for her boy-boy.   As for Foodcrazee, he is a chef and therefore, he wrote about foods that I am not likely to eat!  Like those huge abalones, for eg.

Caption : It was my eldest son’s 16th birthday so we celebrated with a bottle of wine and gave him a few sips.  

So, what I wanted to say is food blogs don’t have much high paying keywords in Adsense.  Though I do get a few clicks, the keywords are not high paying.  Therefore, if you are thinking of writing a food blog for income, forget it.  It is not worth it.

Caption : Mr. Ho’s Lamb Shank stewed till very, very tender.  RM37++, enough to feed my son and I. 

Writing a food blog takes passion.   Even homecooking can be very interesting like maR’s.  She is a Malaysian staying in UK and it is very nice to see what local dishes she cooks over there.

Caption : Tiny cream puffs filled with fresh cream.  Kids love them.

And one thing that I dislike about those posts ala ‘You know what I ate last night’ is the photos of the messy, empty cutleries, bones and shells everywhere.  Ewwwss…spare me the disgusting picture.
Ahem, I am  merely putting my views across.  No offence to anyone, if they can help it.

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  1. Food blogs won’t make money at all, it’s not a market for Adwords advertisers.

    Food blogs are for people that love food, that’s all, like me, mine is half food blog 🙂

  2. Kak lilian
    Waaa dia pi sebut pulak… ni kena produce better picture/food/etc etc lah dlm my journal kang *lol*. Alamak the lamb shank look soooo good!

  3. alamak! terasa laaaaaaa… coz my mom said the pic of spaghetti vongole which I had posted on my blog looked so messy but I thought it was an interesting point as spaghetti vongole is meant to look messy.. hehe…

  4. Thanks for the nice pat on the back Lilian. Drats, it looks like I shld not look at writing a food blog for income since Adwords does not like it much.

  5. *sobs* i’m so touched to be in your list. thanks for the compliments… it helps to keep my blog going as I was on the verge of giving up due to my busy schedule 😉

  6. Just stumpled upon your blog through performancing partner. Delicious blog you have. While I’m not much into cooking, but eating is my biggest hobby too.

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