Travel from Penang to Damai-Laut Swiss Garden, Lumut

Map - Penang/Pangkor

For once, I am a little bit organised. I jotted down the kilometer reading and time it takes to travel by road from Penang to Damai-Laut Swiss Garden and also to Lumut, which is the gateway to Pangkor Island.

From Penang – Take the North-South Highway to Changkat Jering and exit from there. There is road sign to show you the direction. Penang to Changkat Jering takes about 45 minutes. The distance from Changkat Jering to Damai Laut is about one and a half hour. There are lots of signs so one can’t possibly get lost. You will pass the little village of Terong and Pantai Remis.

Swiss Garden Resort Damai Laut is errmmm…a nice resort. LOL, I wouldn’t know because all the rooms were fully booked! But the exterior is very impressive with multi-level swimming pool and bright, airy lobby.

Using the Changkat Jering – Damai Laut is nearer but the road is rather winding. Alternatively, you can take the Ipoh-Damai Laut.

If you wish to use the Ipoh exit, you certainly need a map to get yourself out of Ipoh. Ipoh has the worst road signs around and though you cannot get lost because it is so small, you will be going round and round in their maze of one way streets. So, if you are not familiar with travelling by road, do avoid going through Ipoh.

I used the Damai-Laut to Ipoh way on my return trip. The road is much wider and straight. But as usual, by the time we got into Ipoh, we had to go in circles before we found our way into Ipoh town for breakfast.

The room rates in Swiss Garden Damai Laut is rather high at RM290++ (plus RM50++ for peak season). Therefore, I am doubtful if we will go again. So, if you have stayed in Damai Laut before, do let me know if it is worth it. Remember that for that price, you can get very good hotels here in Penang. 🙂 And we have a lot more to offer too.

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3 thoughts on “Travel from Penang to Damai-Laut Swiss Garden, Lumut


    (May 2, 2006 - 9:46 am)

    i’ve stayed there before since im a member of swiss garden international vacation club..well it is a nice resort by itself..but its rather secluded and there is nothing much to do rather than bask in the resort, if the question is whether its worth it..hmm..not really garden kuantan provided a better experience for us


    (May 2, 2006 - 1:52 pm)

    i’ve been there for a corporate event. a nice place to idle your time away doing nothing but relaxing. otherwise dun bother to stay there :p


    (May 30, 2006 - 3:46 pm)

    its actually nice if all you want to do is have private fun – go on a weekday there’ll be no one – but its secludeness makes it really lonely and ull be dependant on the hotel for food – the chinese restaurant is good but the malay not so

    if u golf its good – n the spa is good – then a family spot i find it more romantic – no one will disturb you

    but if ure looking to explore – thats a wrong place

    plus u cant bathe at the beach – though its really clean n beautiful to just lie down n sleep

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