Lumut multi-million ringgit waterfront

I bet most of you will not travel for four hours (from KL) to this place. So, let me introduce to you the multi-million ringgit waterfront of Lumut, the jetty to Pangkor Island. Lumut Jetty Wing and Marina Wing are way, way nicer than the Penang Tanjong Marina. But it certainly is not good enough as a tourist spot as the only attraction there is Pangkor Island.


According to the Manjung Municipal Council, the ongoing RM28mil waterfront project is divided into three wings and expected to be ready by 2010.

The Jetty Wing has a promenade and modern-looking Ferry Terminal Complex with facilities for ticket counters, restaurants and handicraft shops. (source)

Most of my photos had been colour enhanced because when I took them, it was very early morning and foggy. Everything looks so sombre and sad. I expect marina to be filled with lots of blue, white and red with sails flapping in the winds, sun-tan sailors 🙂 and bikini chics.

Instead, we get families, locals and lots of kids running around. The above pic are my kids, btw. I must say that the Lumut council has taken a lot of care in decorating the place and I hope they can maintain them in its pristine condition like now. Otherwise, it will be a waste to see these decos consisting of nice tiles, pillars and etc succumbed to vandalism and bad maintenance.

More pics…

my broadband connection is painfully slow and I had written this over several sittings so I have kinda lost my train of thoughts.

My hubby took the first pic (at the top of this post) and I took this other pic (above). Hehehe, I guess I got a nicer shot than his eventhough we are snapping the same direction.

Lots of cute stone dolphins are every where. I hope they stay cute like this and not become headless in the years to come. Otherwise, it will be million ringgits washed down the sea.

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4 thoughts on “Lumut multi-million ringgit waterfront


    (May 4, 2006 - 12:06 am)

    Looks very nice lah that place kak lilian….The only one time that I had been to Lumut was in 1993 I think, masa my mom cousin worked at naval base tu…I bet mesti dah berubah kan?


    (May 4, 2006 - 12:43 am)

    Wah banyak cantik. And clean too. I hope the cleanliness will last.


    (May 4, 2006 - 3:37 am)

    I tot that dolphin was sumpah-ed by Sang Kelembai sampai jadi batu.


    (May 5, 2006 - 4:27 pm)

    Great Pictures! Although I live like just 10 mins away from Lumut itself, I don’t go there much.. Nothing to do there la.. hot, and full of ppl, during the weekends that is. But one thing i’ve noticed… no rubbish bins!! How to expect ppl to keep the place clean la??

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