Recipe : Kopikat Fried Chicken (KFC) with mushroom sauce, too!

In case you do not know, one of the fastfood outlet has this promo. However, at RM9.90 it hardly fills my kids’ stomachs. I spent RM38 the other day just to feed the three young ones. The reviews aren’t great too as can be seen here.
So, I improvise. The above yummy looking photo is my version. I fried the chicken myself but the mushroom sauce is bought from the stores. Cost :RM8 for 4 huge chicken thighs and RM5.50 for this wonderful, cheesy flavour mushroom sauce.

Here’s the recipe:

2 chicken thighs seasoned overnight with flavours of your choice

I used pepper, fish sauce and rice wine

1 egg white – beat till foamy

Flour – You can use a mixture of cornflour with baking powder or use those meant for frying. I used Hup Loong 7-beans flour. (will post a pic next time)

Dip chicken into egg white foam, roll in flour and fry in very hot oil.

To ensure your chicken is crispy, here are the tips:

  1. Oil must be very hot before you put the chicken in
  2. Fry small quantities at each batch
  3. Reduce fire after the outer layers have bubbled well
  4. Leave to fry for several minutes over medium fire (like 20 minutes?)
  5. Turn on the fire again to heat the oil at the last few minutes. This will foce out some of the oil.
  6. If you are not too lazy, take out the chicken, leave the oil to heat up again (you can see some ‘heat’ floating but don’t let the oil smokes, this can cause cancer ler)
  7. Put in the chicken pieces again and you can get a satisfying ‘charrrrrr’ where all the bubbles will appear. Just dip the chicken for a short while without burning it.

There, a crispy fried chicken ala KFC. Homemade fried chicken is way better than those outsides because it is much healthier, no doubt still as oily. But remember that it is confirmed that when oil are heated over their max temperature, the breakdown of it can cause cancer. Hawkers are known to use recycled oil whereby they buy the used oil which is still clean from restaurants and use them for frying. I am not kidding you. This is written by a doctor in his book. (will post that next time too) Therefore, you won’t find me eating too much deep fried food from untrusted sources. Have you seen how black some of the oils used?

There aren’t any fancy accompaniments like coleslaw or mashed potatoes because I didn’t have time to prepare them when I took this photo.

14 Replies to “Recipe : Kopikat Fried Chicken (KFC) with mushroom sauce, too!”

  1. Wah nampak sedapnye. My kiddies loves KFC so this will one of the recipe I will try on them. One question, how do you find time to do all this? Really salute you

  2. Lilian, Look so yummy!!!! I am going to try your recipe. Is the Hup Loong 7 beans flour like the soy bean flour? Maybe I can use that.

  3. I prefer using the deep fryer. At least I’m safe from the splattering hot oil and kitchen remains somewhat oil-free.

    May I know where I can buy fish sauce? I tried Tesco and a wet market in Georgetown but bo leh.

  4. Your fried chicken looks delicious and very professional!

    By the way, thanks for adding me to your list of links!!!

  5. Its looks very nice, could see the spices, the black dots, the holes made by the oil oozing from the chicken…

  6. Tried the KFC chicken chop! It was SO disappointing! Never liked OR…and was given the gravy for mashed potatoes with some bits of mushroom! The pix in the advert looks so nice, nice creamy gravy…like got cheese or something and the colour of the chicken looks golden! Never trust those adverts!! Am sure ur version would be SO much nicer! When I go Penang, u cook for me, eh?

  7. so dahhh yummy! hmmm actually its really healthy eating deep fried food which is why i hardly deep fry my food plus it’s so messy hehehe

  8. Wahhh! sedang puasa lihat blog awak ni – buat saya lapar! Nak kasi tip buat ayam goreng ranggup ala KFC. Masak dalam periuk (bkn kuali). Tudung periuk dibalut dgn kain. Apabila api panas, masukkan ayam. balikkan, lepas tu tutup tudung periuk dan kecilkan api (jadi macam pressure cooker). Buka lepas 5 minit. Naikkan api biar garing sikit. Cepat sikit masak + moist insides! Happy cooking

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