Mangoes – How do you cut them?

I remember I saw in some fashion magazine featuring some models eating mangoes by peeling it’s skin like a banana.  Ewwss…in reality, it will be extremely, extremely messy.  In fact, I hate skinning mangoes because you need to get just the right hold or else the fruit will turn into mush or even flew off your palms.

And never offer me mangoes you pick from your backyard!  Because my sister gave me some very nice looking, juicy, ripe, sweet mangoes.  But after slicing off a few slices and stuff them into my mouth, I found white, little maggots crawling in the flesh near the seed.  Puke!   Now, my sister never offers me anymore mangoes because I will never accept them.  (hahaha, my hair still stands on end as I am relating this)

I will settle for the highly, contaminated with toxic pesticides commercial mangoes, please.  Those grown by ourselves are very good but when fruit flies, bees and etc sting on the fruit, I think they implanted some eggs in there which produce the maggots?

The above is how my hubby cut the mangoes.  Two huge slices and then, cut into criss-cross.  One just need a spoon to scoop out the flesh and throw away the skin after finish.  Ahh…luxury.   I love mangoes but only if someone serve them to me.

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  1. Ooooo… I love, love, love mangoes! Here in Perlis, it’s easy to get the fragrant Harum Manis (Perlis produce) and Thai Sala variety, and my neighbours plant Mango Apple (round ones). My house is never short of mango supply when my mum’s around. Had fresh mango juice the other day.

  2. Take mangoes (or durians) ice cold with santan and glutinous rice (pulut)!! Oooo! U get a heavenly Thai dessert! Thai mango salad is yummy too!

  3. I love mangoes and have one on stock for my dinner tomorrow! I enjoy eating it with glutinous rice; delicious…

    The mangoes we find here are either from South America (Peru, Brazil), Africa (Côte d’Ivoire) or Asia (the Philippines, India). The South American variety is so yummy!

  4. Fruit:
    Skin n Slice. Chill.

    Pulut (Glutinous Rice):
    Best Grade Thai Pulut (Glutinous Rice) soak few hours. Wash n put in Rice Cooker. Add Pandan (screwpine leaf), Salt to taste and Santan (Coconut Milk) to cover exactly 1 cm over surface of Pulut.

    Santan (Coconut Milk) Sauce:

    Thick Coconut Milk From 1 Coconut, Pinch of Salt, Sugar to taste. One Pandan leaf. Dilute 2 tablespoons Normal Rice Flour in water and add to Coconut Milk. Heat but do not boil to avoid Coconut Milk curdling.

    To serve:

    Place 1/2 cup Pulut on Plate, Cut Mango on the side. Pour over Coconut Milk Sauce. Put a little more sauce on tiny Chinese Sauce Bowl.

    Eat and Weep.


    Tip Pulut kills the flavour of the Mango some what. Find the Most Fragrant and sweet Mango available.

  5. I’m so glad that I found your website thru link. Your blog makes me feel so much closer to home =) Love all the foods you posted so far! Yummy! I wish I will motivate myself to cook. I’m just plain lazy… bah!

    Mango.. who can resist the temptation of juicy-licious fruit? =)

  6. f1re80 – Droolsss…I wait for durians season and make this pulut. But pretend did not see the ‘go jogging’ part.

    Rosa – Over here we have Australian and Indian mangoes but I found them to be rather watery and fibrous compared to the Thai varieties. Then again, I hardly buy the imported ones cos they are so expensive.

    STP – You got me dreaming of Thai pulut but I am too lazy to steam my own batch. Sobsss…

    Sky – I heard the Thai varieties have lots of pesticides and that chemical to preserve human corpse (puke!) so it is rather scary to indulge.

    swee – Heh, just like me.

  7. Unfortunately, until now, I haven’t tasted any Thai mango, but heard many good things about them. I’ll have to check out if my favorite Asian store has them…

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