Questions on Sunway

We are staying at the Pyramid Suite this long weekend.  Never stay at Sunway before so appreciate some feedback about this?

  1. Is Pyramid Tower connected to Sunway Pyramid?
  2. Is it really ’10 minutes walk’ from Pyramid Tower to Sunway Lagoon where the Asian X-Games is?
  3. Anything interesting there at Sunway besides Sunway Lagoon, which we have no intention of going as my older children are going to watch the Asian X-Games.
  4. Food?  Anything worth mentioning?
  5. Sunway Pyramid got sale ah? 🙂

Appreciate some inputs, please.  Please leave your URL if you have blog posts about anything related?  Terima kasih!

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  1. 1. Not sure whether it’s actually connected, but the hotels, pyramid and lagoon are just side by side to each other.

    2. From pyramid to lagoon definitely a yes.

    3. Not much really.. shopping perhaps.

    4. Assuming you will not be leaving the pyramid area, nothing much that I know. Standard food in Pyramid, ermm they do have a chicken buffet, not actually yummylicious but probably one of its kind in Malaysia.

    5. Dunno.. but Malaysia every month got sale lar.

    Considering going to the X-games too, who knows.. might bump into your kids lol.

  2. No idea abt the sunway pyramid area as I rarely go there – find the shopping mall a bit too quiet for my liking.

    Foodwise – there are lots of steamboat places around that area. Google that as quite a few bloggers have done reviews. Read abt a Szechuan hot pot one called Jin Shan Cheng guaranteed to clear yr nose. If not into Szechuan they also have herbal soup plus you can add lamb and beef slices to yr hotpot which is not on the menu. You can also order dishes – seems the special spicy intestine and Chongqing Chicken is good but spicy. Address is 2-1, Jalan PJU 1/3A, Sunway Mas Commercial Centre (across the road from Sunway Pyramid) Tel No: 7804 7622. Open for lunch and dinner.

  3. yup it’s interconnected, so if it rains there’s no worries :).

    Hmm…as for food, there’s a famous steamboat opposite Pyramid (across the highway) called Yuen Steamboat. They serve darn good chicken wings. Try it if you like it 🙂

  4. When u go to Sunway Lagoon, be careful if raining! Slippery! I slipped off the steps (upon entering the place) and broke my arm (No wise cracks, Wuching!)! Now I’ve a steel plate and six screws inside to hold the bone together! The last time I was in those parts, there’s a very nice char-siew, roast chicken, roast duck shop in a corner shop across the road!!! Should be cheaper AND nicer than anything at Sunway!

  5. 1. Yes, hotel is connected to Sunway Pyramid.

    2. Maybe not 10 minutes, a bit longer than that. But it won’t be too bad because you can walk through the hotel to Sunway Pyramid, then walk through S.Pyramid to Sunway Lagoon.

    3. Only shopping I suppose. Bowling/Ice skating maybe? =X

    4. Food wise, I don’t think anythin in Pyramid is worth mentioning. Maybe can try the KimGary craze though I don’t find it good personally. There are rows of shop outside the hotel also, there are hawkers/restaurants around there if you want more choices. But can’t think of anythin outstanding there.

    5. Shopping wise, I feel not very different from Penang.

  6. There’s one of Rakuzen’s branches there – Zen for Japanese food at the Pyramid plus there’s a Hoppy Duck across the road at Sunway Mas.

  7. If you want hawker food, normally i go to Ming Tien coffee shop. The food is okla, compared with the rest. It’s the same row with THE ONE academy, got aircon so not hot. I like the chee cheong fun and the crispy chicken rice. You can try the juices there, the glass/jug are huge!

    The steamboat restaurant that Jazzmint mentioned, is across the road from Sunway Pyramid. It’s the same row with Domino’s. So if you can see the domino huge banner, u’ll be able to find the steamboat. It’s those eat all you can and the sidedish chicken wings are to die for!

    Enjoy your trip there =)

  8. For your toddler, there is one petting zoo in Sunway too, opposite Sunway Medical Center, not within walking distance but abt 5-10 mins driving distance. The cost is abt RM 35 / person if not mistaken. Not so much animals there but kids can try to fishing the fishes in the “longkang” like kampung kids. Also, i like the “hamster area”, where the hamsters running around the kids and kids get to touch, hold or feed the hamsters.

  9. Checked again with hubby and not so sure whether petting zoo is still open or not. But, the go-kart next to petting zoo is still open for business.

  10. 1. Yes. At the lobby, go to the back, go through the door, and you’ll be at Level G of Sunway Pyramid.

    2. Yes… cause I can walk very fast. Hahaa… There is a access path from inside Pyramid to the Lagoon Theme Park. Near the skating rink. Outside they are building Pyramid 2 so it’s a mess there.

    3. Petting zoo is currently closed for renovation. Extreme Park if you fancy Go-Kart, water sports, paint ball, etc. Other than those, nothing much at Bandar Sunway. Monorail that goes around the township maybe?

    4. If you like Shanghai noodle, can try Delicious Kitchen in Pyramid. Can see easiy when you walk from Pyramid Tower into Pyramid. On your left. Some say the nasi lemak at LemonGrass (Level G, near skating rink, car park side) is nice but I never tried. Kim Gary is the same as the one in Gurney Plaza. Zen if you like Japanese food. Yip Kee (Level F, skating rink side) for wantan mee and soup dumpling, but quite pricy.

    Outside Pyramid, opposite the main road, there’s Yuen and Hoppy. Yuen is a famous buffet steamboat restaurant. Hoppy is a famous duck rice restaurant. Both on the same road.

    There are also several kopitiams with hawker food at that area.

    5. Don’t know wor.

  11. aiyo Suituapui! no wise crack lah but u should’ve be filthy rich by now if u had sue them! u missed the chance lah, how long has it been? maybe there’s no status of limitation for this situation. Quick, go ask a lawyer & a damn good one! then u can thank me & chia me makan makan! hahahaha!

  12. Aunty, ZEN japanese restaurant above Kim Gary is good. Give Fatman steamboat van outside Public Bank (after 11pm) a try. Or drive about 3km to Asia Cafe for hawker food in SS15. Best is call fellow bloggers in KL to bring you around.

  13. Actually, you can’t find much cheap good food in both Subang Jaya-Sunway area. Delicious kitchen Sunway pyramid is serving same menu as Esquire kitchen, but taste better than Esquire kitchen.
    But I heard Sunway hotel serve good buffets, give it a try.

  14. yuen steamboat is opposite sunway laggoon main road . their speciality is teriyaki sauce chicken wing which they will release itr slowly to the hungry wolf who is ready with the tong the place is pack with ppl n the price 18rg plus not include drink .this is the place u see malaysia all hungry 100years never eat chicken wing must run n grab like mad n that place the boss just buy up the 2shoplot n make it 2 storey .unlimited aiscream lagi!to find the shop look out for ppl standing outside the shop

  15. we hardly go sunway area and i think all your questions been answered already. yes my fren did tell me the petting zoo is closed. otherwise bring yr kids go ice-skating.

    enjoy your holiday in KL, too bad i’m not in town else i come and meet u.

  16. Aiya, wuching…I Christian lah! Very forgiving! Not like overseas people…sue left,right & centre! Lilian…why everybody telling u where to go to eat what??? Afraid u got nothing to eat kah??? Take lots of pix…and share on ur blog, ya?

  17. 1. connected
    2.yes, depending how fast u walk lo
    3. alot, sunway pyramid alone u can shop, shop, shop, ice-skating, movies, bowling, etc
    4. food plentiful, there is this restaurant, i cant remember the exact name, it is near has magic show , i think is magic something la the name. u can check wif ur hotel concierge.very interesting.hawkers, mamak, etc
    5.Inside sunway pyramid got Parkson. Parkson is having sales wor…and other smaller boutique etc also is on sales too…sometimes on the concourse are they have bargain or some kind of sales too…


  18. 1. Yes, it’s connected indoors. You don’t have to walk under the hot sun.

    2. There’s some construction work going on – they’re building the next phase of Sunway Pyramid. I’m now not so sure how to walk to Sunway Lagoon from your hotel. Maybe you can try walking around Sunway Medical Centre?

    3. There’s actually not much to do apart from shopping at Sunway Pyramid or having fun under the sun at Sunway Lagoon. Well, maybe you can consider bowling, ice-skating, archery or simply watch movies in Sunway Pyramid.

    4. There’s this steamboat shop along one of the shophouses facing Sunway Pyramid – my friends recommend that place. Unfortunately I’ve never been there and I’m not sure where it’s located.

    If you drive further a bit to Subang using the newly completed highway, you will reach Subang SS14 – bak kut teh heaven. Go to the last shoplot after the Caltex station – the shop is called Chou Zhou Bak Kut Teh – it’s the best and my fav!

    5. Parkson has sale now. But I’m not sure if there’s a Parkson in Sunway Pyramid. As for the rest of the shops within the shopping centre, I’m not sure.

    Auntie Lilian, I wish I can meet you – you are my blogging idol. But I’m visiting my parents in Penang this long weekend. Bad timing, huh?

  19. Perhaps you can try asian cafe in subang jaya.(in front of Taylor’s College) It’s just 3 minutes drive. Wide variety of foods available. Do try stinky taufu if you don’t mind. Crunchy!

    If you happen to past by Salak South Garden, do try their BBQ Pork(Char Siew) in front of their 7 eleven. Only available during lunch.

  20. what is sunway lagoon before it was build??

    a forest…or what?


    i’m doing it for my Geo Folio

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