Penang Ferry

When I saw the Star Ferry at HK Tsim Sha Tsui, I was very excited because they are twins of the Penang Ferry. The exact build and shape, including the chairs and everything else.

So, if you are a visitor, you may enjoy a ride on the ferry to cross from either the mainland to the island or vice-versa. The trip from the mainland is RM1.20 per person or RM7.80 per car. It takes about 15-20 minutes from boarding to getting off at the other end. You can enjoy cool sea breeze on this very huge and steady ferry.

In 1988, there was a major tragedy where the Butterworth jetty collapsed due to overloading. Many people were killed and injured on that sad day which happened to be dual major festivals, where the Guan Yin birthday co-incide with St. Anne’s feast.

I was staying in Butterworth, on the mainland and weeks and months after that tragedy, we were spooked out with haunted tales. 🙂 My ex-colleagues and I would carry nails and garlics (LOL) in our handbags and we were especially worried when we had to work overtime till late at night.

For us Penangites, we would prefer to avoid the ferry altogether and use the bridge if we can help it. But for visitors, do take a ride for the experience. However, avoid the ferry on major holidays because you may need to queue for hours to catch the ferry due to the crowds. Sometimes, the heat can be unbearable, especially when your car is under the hot sun, in the queue.

I won’t be posting for the next few days.

Here’s wishing all the Buddhists, Happy Wesak Day and have a good long weekend to all! (Friday is a holiday here)

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  1. I took the ferry 1st time in 1973 December when I went to Penang 1st time…and there was this Pasta Penang and stuff. Wuching won’t be interested, of course…unless it’s Penang “fairies”!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  2. I dream of a place of times long past
    I dream of moments of memories gone by

    I dream of a place of a future uncertain
    I dream of moments of hopes to come

    I dream of a place of now I see
    I dream of moments together you and me

  3. Sorry-lar people but the thought of the Penang Ferry does inspire one to suddenly be poetic. I f I was Pavarotti I might even burst out an aria or two. Kalau tak pecaya pegilah Penang naik ferry. Stand at the front and make like Di Caprio in Titanic.

  4. Great writeup on the Penang ferries. I was just on it last Thursday morning. Good fun stuff with the cool sea air blowing in. 🙂

  5. […] Look at those pants! They must used a lot of cloths back in those days. I can’t see very clearly but I think the number plate then was only a single alphabet ‘P’. This is of course, a scene from the Penang ferry. (new pics here) Back in those days, Penang was a tax free zone or something, arrghh…I can’t remember but I know if you are coming into the island, the Immigration or is it Customs will check your bags. I wouldn’t know ‘cos I don’t think I got out of the island before back then. My parents couldn’t afford to take my four siblings and I out that often because we only had one bicycle and my father was only a teacher. […]

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