ESPN Asian X-Games 2006 – Photos!

I had spent the last three days in the hot sun, muddy earth (after heavy rains) and walking miles in Sunway Lagoon Resort to catch the Asian X-Games 2006.

There are awesome Moto-X (daredevil biker flying in the air with their bikes), skateboarding, rock climbing and inline skating. Above is Malaysia athelete, Pa’din Musa at the Skatebord Park (Final).

Skateboard Park:

With a score of 85.33, Dayne Brummet of the United States won the gold medal. Australian Jeff Williams won silver and American Chris Senn took home the bronze medal.

Skateboard Park Best Trick:

Dayne Brummet was not satisfied with just one gold medal so he landed a switch frontside lipside to fakie down the handrail, and will now be bringing two gold medals back home. Lin Che from China won the silver while the crowd favourite, Pa’din Musa of Malaysia won the bronze medal to the delight of his countrymen.

(results taken from Asian X-Games official site)

Kids enjoyed themselves very much and I got some pretty good photos, so no complaints there.

Look at the guy on bike? First time I see Moto-X in action and it was stunning! I have taken about 400 photos! Uploaded a few and will re-size and upload more later. My album at Flickr is available here. If you wish to share the photos, please do quote my website, ok? Kesian me lah, I had to stand under the hot, burning sun to get these photos, you know? I didn’t want to watermark my photos to make it less bleargh.

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  1. Hey, Lilian…I saw that on Astro. Was looking out for u…but didn’t manage to spot ur face in the crowd! Sigh! If u like STP, sure will see u one! Ha ha ha!

  2. Wow guess what ? I went there yesterday. Ohh too bad I didn’t see you or else I would have ask you for autograph. 😛

    The Moto X stunt was da best!

  3. boy ipoh – Thanks!

    che-cheh – Ya kah? Aiyor, so many bloggers were there but I only got to know about it after I come back.

    maR – The face sticker so cute lah….I wonder if ESPN wants to take him as baby model. 🙂

    STP – I had been following the repeats and can’t discern which is me but I know I was there in the crowd. I not 18-22, 34-24-34 in a bikini so the cameraman did not zoom in on me lor. Hahaha.

    boo – It is a new experience to me but when I was actually there, I was blur-blur who is who and who wins until I got home and watch the repeats.

  4. ada tangkap gambar announcer tak? That’s me la..hahahaha…only for skateboard announcer..the guy with bandana….kalau ada pls e-mail me..thanx!!!

  5. […] Sidenote : At the Asian X-Games? I took a bunch of photos, be thick-skinned, posted the link of my photo album in one skateboarding forum and fuwah, even Pa’din Musa and the announcer Boy Ipoh also came by and dropped their comments. That is call thick-skin or innovative, whichever way you want to see. Then, I also thick-skin and called out Michael Cheang (kehkehkeh) who wrote the article in The Star today. So, dun anyone dare to call me C9 or silai or risk getting your balls cut off. I don’t move in herds, ok? Get it in your thick skull now. […]

  6. achai – Tks! Wow, you are from Sabah.

    boy ipoh – You got the pic right?

    naqi – I heard from my son you from Tgganu? Next time, we visit you belanja nasi dagang ya?

    pa’din – Adoi, you call me ‘mom’? Mati ler…Engko dah tiga keping, jadi I become enam keping? LOL.

  7. ahhahaha.. apa laa korang nih.. hahaha.
    arr gambar-gambar semua best.saya suka. macam tgk gambar nasi goreng dengan udang besar.. nyumm..nyum..

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