E-royce – Japanese chocolate shop

I was at Isetan and saw this little corner selling Japanese chocolates call Royce. The pretty promoter gave us a few samples and they turned out rather different as the chocolates are called soft chocolates.

We bought the liquor chocolates which had to be stored in cool temperature. It comes with this cute plastic bag.

And wrapped with dry ice in this insulated bag.

I wanted a VSOP flavoured bitter chocolate but grabbed the wrong packaging. We bought two packets, one for RM35 each.

Ignore the blue stains on the top right corner, it is my camera lense that is dirty. Taste wise, it is very sticky, smooth, creamy and covered with a thick layer of chocolate powder.

We finished the two boxes overnight so no worries about carting it back to Penang in cold temperature. The manufacturer has a nice website (in Japanese). Probably they considered their chocolate as the Rolls Royce grade? I tasted the normal chocolate which costs RM12 per bar and found them rather dry, rough and not very impressive.

Food Have has another post about liqour filled chocolate bottles, in case you are interested in chocolates.

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  1. I love the Royce chocs – like the ones with the nuts. They don’t have the chocolate potato chips at this counter but sometimes Isetan sells that which is really yummy.

  2. Oh! So these were the chocs they were telling me about! Also available at KLCC opposite the Jayajusco Bakery. They said must ask 4 those made from fresh cream – just heavenly!!! Well, have yet to give it a try! Slurp! Anybody reading this can courier me some for Teachers’ Day?..Belated, never mind!

  3. My ex collegue bought some for me from Singapore. The chocolate just melt in your mouth. I think I like it.

  4. flower – Yes, I think you had the same one as mine? It is very soft and creamy.

    STP – Haiyoh…how to courier ler cos it needs low temperature and they spoil very fast! Anyway, I think I would finished the whole box before I got to the courier company and ends up you receive an empty box with chocolate powder left only. LOL.

    boo- I saw some nuts but dare not ask for more sampling. Shy lah, ate so many things.

  5. Huh! Why u so like dat one? Wait…I go KL, I buy a lot and eat…and eat…& record on video cam and e-mail to u! Ha ha ha!

  6. Hello:
    My name is Johnny, live in Jakarta-Indonesia. I wanna ask some questions that are about Royce. I am crazy for Royce as my first taste of Royce chocolate. My brother, who stayed in Singapore, always bring me Royce if he come back to Indonesia. I wanna know that do Royce have any plan to open new bracnh or representative in Indonesia (especially Jakarta)? Does Royce want to give some franchise to another Indonesia, cause I would like to develop this Royce store in Jakarta. For your information, Jakarta is the the capital city of Indonesia, and i think Royce can get advantage and become the famous exclusive brand of chocolate here. I will be appreciated and look forward to your answer. Please send the answer to my e-mail jhysptdw99@gmail.com. Thx u.

  7. Pass by Royce Isetan most of the time but dare not try coz might be intimidated into buying if don’t like the taste. Next round I WILL try the liquor one you mentioned…

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