Graffiti – An art

My kids computer room may cause many parents to faint because they spray footsteps on the parquet floor and graffiti on the door. The footsteps are made with stencis and spray with cans of paint. *roll eyes*

I don’t give much thought to graffiti because previously, these are :

A rude decoration inscribed on rocks or walls

as described by WordWeb. Usually, they are vulgar words and signs badly drawn on toilets, elevators and other public places, causing eyesores.

However, some talented artists have been working on the ramps at the skateboard park in Batu Metropolitan and these changed my perspective of graffiti. That little angle is so cute with its naked, butts shining in the hot sun.

It is fantastic how these people can make such nice paintings on the ramp which is not flat but curves. Each can of paint is not cheap either so I must applaud them for these nice paintings.

I don’t know who is the masked guy.

Ignore the middle finger. I told my son if I ever see that in any photos, I am going to take a cleaver and chop it off like how I chopped off the chicken legs. 🙂

If you like playing around with graffiti without damaging public properties, check this GraffitiCreator.Net and make some yourself. I think I am going to make one 5Xmom for myself as a banner.

Here are some photos of graffiti from around Malaysia at Art Crime at Graffiti.Org.

7 Replies to “Graffiti – An art”

  1. I notice none of your children in the photos wear protective gears like helmet, elbow guard etc. Is that wise?

  2. Hi Miki, Definitely not but they don’t do any stunts. They do have all the pads and whatnots but usual lah, hard to get them into it unless they want to experiment some vert or drop-in. Lots of skaters have injured themselves, seriously. I am aware of that. Tks for pointing out.

  3. Ha ha ha! Love that middle finger pix! Children! They’re so spontaneous…and don’t threaten them! Eventually, they’ll withdraw into their shell…and become “bisu”, sulky, depressed…and boring!

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