Sun Moulin Japanese Green Tea Cake

There are a few things that I often go back to whenever I visit KL.  Sun Moulin bakery, located at KLCC, outside Isetan is one of them.  The only green tea cake that I like.

I am not sure what are those powdery stuffs on top of the cake but it tastes a bit bitter.  Then, layers of sponge cake and cream with some  berries (I think).  It tastes light and not heavy.

A slice costs about RM5, I think.

Well, where I come from, there aren’t any great cakes.  I found Secret Recipe very run-of-the-mill.  I wish there is some orgasmic chocolate moist cake, made to order for me to indulge but I can’t find any.  Not even from five-stars hotels.

So, KL-ites, where in KL can I find great cakes?  Cost doesn’t matter as long as they are special? I can’t afford time for pre-order so any cake shop which I can just pop in for some great cakes?  I don’t care what it costs for a slice of heavenly, moist, bitter, chocolate cake.

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  1. i know where u can find the bestest choc cake! sume cake dia mmg best.. secret recipe is soo bland already! u know where PlusZone at Pulau Tikus is? ha.. kat tepi tu.. it’s called Jenny’s Homemade Cakes.. really can go orgasmic one!

  2. soleilina – I know Jenny! But sort of lost touch few years ago after I stopped working. She used to cater for my small parties. Damn! She is good. I am going to visit her tomorrow! yes, yes, yes.

  3. Yum! I love Sun Moulin too and yes their green tea cake is so nice and light.

    Depending on what you like – there are great cakes at Bakerzin, Delicious, Alexis Bistro, Marmalade Cafe and Suchan Deli. If you have time, you can also order from Just Heavenly as their Death by Chocolate cake is brilliant. If it’s choccy cake you want, try the Chocolate Moist from Alexis Bistro which is brilliant.

  4. Ah! Cakes! I love cakes! (Not so much chocs & icecream) Somehow, I never like any of the green-tea stuff! Think they’re just cashing in on the health fanatics! How to be healthy when it has butter, sugar, eggs….! Not that I care one bit! Ha ha ha!

  5. Here is a place in KL that you can find nice cakes too…

    66 Jalan 27/70A
    Desa Sri Hartamas
    Off Jln Bukit Kiara
    50480 KL
    Tel: 03-2300 0773
    Fax: 03-2300 0774

    The shop is same row as Ayoma & Penang Village, drive all the way to the end of the row….after Lou Hong Kar….the shop is near Finnegen (tat Irish Pub)…

  6. The tiramisu from Suchan Deli is a must try. And also Chocolate Indulgence from Secret Recipe if you like chocolate cakes.

  7. you can try the tiramisu/ steamed choc pudding at alexis bistro in bangsar or in great eastern mall.

    they have a fabulous mud cake at bon ton restaurant in KL also.

    finally, the pear and ginger pudding in chinoz, KLCC is excellent.

    you can google their addresses.

  8. the Just Heavenly shop in bangsar. but they sell 1 whole cake..sun moulin’s cream puff is nice too if ppl’s looking for a cheaper alternative to beard papa’s

  9. I’ve spent so much money at sun moulin it’s not even funny. Most their offerings are uber delicious, and I just happened to work at klcc. RM10 for lunch with bread.. I think alot of people would think that it’s ridiculous.

  10. My fav Green tea cake or Matcha Cake is from Ritz Pastry @ Prima Tanjung, Penang. Most of my japanese friends make a beeline there… The layered creme is mix with green tea as well. They piped Red Bean Paste in strips so that when the cake is cut… it would look like shape of red beans! Besides that they also have San Marcos, Opera, etc.

  11. Yupz yupz…Ritz Bakery…I have a pic somewhere in the xanga i think…Anywayz, I just found ur site recently and regreted why I didn’t see find it earlier…Very hard to find avid food and travel Penangnite bloggers….Glad I found one : )

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