I just licked the cake plate clean!

If I got too fat to pass through the door, I am going to blame this blog and its readers! LOL. Soleilina (check out her blog!) told me about this cake shop. I used to know the owner, Jenni but lost touch after I left my job. She used to cater for my office parties and her foods are superb. I hope she still does catering because you gotta taste her kerabu beehoon, pie-tee and all the other Nyonya finger foods and snacks.

I went there this morning (but she wasn’t around) and the above White Belgian Chocolate chocolate was just out of the kitchen. So was this almond biscotti which the worker was just packing them into their containers. According to my son (who has very sensitive taste-buds, hope he become a sommelier someday 🙂 ) the biscotti is crispier, fragrant and nicer than Amos but Amos’s is much creamier (whatever that means).

It is not easy to find nicely baked and flavoured biscotti. I do not know how they can manage to slice the almond into thin slices without messing up the dough. Still a mystery to me.

Biscotti (plural of Italian biscotto) are crisp Italian cookies traditionally flavored with anise. Traditionally, biscotti are made by baking cookie dough in two long slabs, cutting them into half inch thick pieces, and reheating them to dry them out. A basic recipe is a mix two parts flour for one part sugar with enough eggs to create a batter. To the mixture baking powder and flavourings such as anise, chocolate, or nuts, are added. The slabs are baked once for some twenty five minutes. They are then cut up into individual cookies and cooked a second time for a shorter period of time. The longer the second period, the harder the cookies. Originally the cookies were twice-baked so they could be stored for long periods of time. (wikipedia)

Yummy, yummy, yummy. Jenni Homemade Cakes is located at Cantoment Road, just before the junction with Pulau Tikus. Just a few doors away from Bandar Baru supermarket (Plus Zone).

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  1. Wow that white choc cake looks good. What’s the middle bit? Biscotti looks nice and crispy too but I am confused, what Amos is yr son referring to? The only Amos I know is Famous Amos Choc Chip Cookies.

  2. Excuse my wet shirt, pliz! It’s not my sweat…just that I’ve been salivating profusely!! Gee! Think I should stop visiting this blog! It’s such a torture!!!…Like looking at the centrefold in Playboy! Can only see, cannot get!

  3. Saw the pic before I went for lunch. Beh tahan,,,just now went to secret recipe to get a piece of cake…to temporarily satisfy my drooling.

  4. Those cake and biscottis look delicious! I was already hungry very when I saw the green tea cake, but now it’s worse!!!…

  5. Aunty Lilian,

    Jenni’s carrot cheesecake it another thing that you can’t miss.

    Go give it a try.

  6. […] One quarter of the cake is RM7.50. I bought four slices for RM30. So, I got on the car and my accountant husband asked how much per slice. I told him RM7.50. Then, he asked how much per cake ‘cos I just bought one whole cake few days ago. I said, RM22. So, kena farked ‘cos why I never buy a whole cake and save RM8. […]

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